Kulmbacher stefan sandler has been at the tap for 20 years

Kulmbacher stefan sandler has been at the tap for 20 years

Sandler has been on tap for almost 20 years, most recently in the eku corner, where he and his team of ten people ensure "seamless thirst-quenching" provides.

And that's where his fitness comes in handy, because standing at the tap for nine days in a row and always filling the mab correctly isn't easy, he says, looking at the jug with a gazing eye. "If you do it for as long as I did, it's no longer a problem. I was able to do it blindfolded."


In the past, tapping was more difficult, you needed more fingertip feeling to complete a mab in one go. But thank goodness the technology has developed further. For him, the principle is: "do not rub the guests". During rush hours, between 8 pm and 11 pm and on weekends, it can happen that the jug is not quite full, so we refill it."

When asked how much mab beer he has served over the years, stefan ponders a bit. "So about 60 000 liter wern's scho been sa, da kummt a ganz schona lach'n zamm", he laughs then.
The man in the red and white checkered shirt and the lederhosen takes a vacation for the beer festival season. "For me, that fits in perfectly with the company vacation", the wood technician is pleased. And sings the praises of the team: "everything runs harmoniously here, we're a big family together with our waiters – just well-rehearsed."

"He is my most important man"

This year, newcomers joined the party and felt right at home. One of them, theresa from altotting, comes by by chance and says spontaneously: "enno is a funny guy, hardworking and helpful." Also from landlady rita hofmann of the "zunftstube there is praise. "He is my most important man", she says and pats him on the upper arm.

Stefan "enno" sandler wouldn't miss this activity at the beer festival. "I always look forward to the next one with a certain anticipation, even though the noise level, the pregnant air and the lack of sleep – you also need your after-work silk – can get to you." But he is in good shape.

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