Sg lichtenfels warned against memmelsdorfer

Sg lichtenfels warned against memmelsdorfer

The team from lichtenfels can be very satisfied with the way things have gone so far in the bavarian league. After all, the promoted team has won five of its first seven games and is in second place behind unbeaten table leader donaustauf. The penultimate game of the first round at the eighth SC memmelsdorf seems like an easy task, but the korbstadt team is warned about the strength of the sports club. As a member of the bavarian league for many years, the memmelsdorfer have an enormous game experience and know exactly how to exploit the weaknesses of the competitors. For the lichtenfelser it goes to take the play under no circumstances on the light shoulder and to set the opponent from the beginning under pressure.
It is pleasing for the team that they can fall back on the complete squad except for their two long-term injured players jonas eggert and timo kohler.

Second team challenged in kronach
In the landesliga nord-ost, the second team of the auswarts playing group meets TS kronach. We can expect an extremely exciting encounter against our direct neighbors in the standings.

Ladies of TSL in northern halben
The first women's team of TS lichtenfels, as the leader of the west district league, meets the second-placed team from nordhalben in a top match in a foreign hall. Uberdieseits contests the derby against TSV ebensfeld, even if it is played this time in nordhalben. Mhu

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