Brose baskets see no problems with tax authority

Brose baskets see no problems with tax authority

Tax officials investigate sponsorship contracts of german basketball champion brose baskets bamberg. "The club has nothing to fear, manager wolfgang heyder said on wednesday at the request of the news agency dpa.

Bavarian radio had previously reported a tax investigation into the upper franconians. The investigators had seized documents at the beginning of october and were mainly interested in the allocation of vip tickets, the station reported.

Heyder, on the other hand, emphasized: "we voluntarily handed over the documents we had requested four weeks ago within two hours." The tax authority had approached the association within the framework of a federal audit.

The files mainly concerned contracts with the club’s sponsors, the manager explained. "In these contracts is a rough part of our vip cards, that’s right." However, these tickets had to be taxed by the contract partners, not by the club. In this respect, at most the partners had something to fear.

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