5 Unstoppable trends to get into now 10.000 us dollars should invest

Stocks that can double

The stock market is very unstable right now. The ukraine conflict, high inflation, supply chain bottlenecks and possible interest rate hikes by the federal reserve have rattled investors.

That said, the stock market is still a good place to build wealth over the long term. Investors looking for a great place to invest 10.000 U.S. Dollars to invest should look at these five unstoppable trends and the companies that are in the middle of them.

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1. AI-based lending platforms: $739 billion TAM

For years, companies have used artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their own businesses, but consumers haven't benefited – until now. Thanks to companies like upstart holdings (WKN:A2QJL75.01% ), AI lending platforms are making it easier for people to get loans without adding risk for lenders.

Upstart's platform uses AI to score potential borrowers by analyzing data that goes beyond traditional credit scores. The result is that more borrowers are getting loans – at better interest rates – and the percentage of borrowers who can't service those loans is lower than at traditional banks. It's a win for borrowers and lenders alike.

Upstart is focused on both the personal loan market and the automotive market, which represents a total addressable market (TAM) of $739 billion.

Rounding out upstart's fantastic opportunity in this space is the fact that the company makes its money on fees to banks and lending institutions, not borrowers, which means the company is low risk.

2. Telemedicine: an $18.5 billion market opportunity

The U.S. Department of health and human services estimates that demand for telemedicine has increased more than 63-fold since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. One company that has been in this space for more than a decade is doximity (WKN:A3CS1K 3.54% ).

The company operates a HIPAA-compliant app that makes it easy for doctors to set up virtual conference calls and other communications with their patients. Already more than 150 hospitals and health systems in the U.S. Have doctors using doximity's app.

The company already has impressive numbers to show for itself: more than 80% of U.S. Physicians use doximity, as do 50% of nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Doximity stands out in the emerging telemedicine market – which it believes has an $18.5 billion market opportunity – by also offering medical professionals a social network to help them advance their careers and keep up to date on medical research and news.

3. Fintech: fast growing and far reaching

Financial technology, or fintech, is a fast-growing trend that all sorts of companies – from banks to tech startups – are focusing on. Fintech is a broad term for almost anything related to the use of technology for financial transactions. That means apple is dabbling in fintech with apple pay, but so are companies like block (WKN:A143D6 -2.12% ) that specialize in fintech.

One of the key ways block, formerly square, is moving into the fintech space is through its cash app. With the app, people can pay each other's monthly rent, split the dinner bill or even pay merchants with their phones while in a store.

Block's cash app generates about half of the company's gross profit and has more than 44 million accounts that transact. Also, users can buy and sell bitcoin with the cash app, which has helped block tap into the cryptocurrency market.

The company is also working on several projects that will help it advance further in cryptocurrency and blockchain in the coming years, not only to benefit from the growth of financial technology, but also to capitalize on new trends such as decentralized financing.

4. The metaverse: A potential $800 million market opportunity

The metaverse – in which people spend their time in digital environments with the help of avatars – is still in its infancy, but interest in it is already growing rapidly. Some estimates suggest that the metaverse could become a huge $800 billion market within a few years.

Some of the world's leading technology companies are already positioning themselves to benefit when the metaverse becomes a reality. One company with great potential in this area is nvidia (WKN:9189422 3.65 % ).

The metaverse will require many high-end graphics processors to allow users to explore their virtual worlds on their computers and virtual reality headsets. This is good news for nvidia, as the company's graphics processors are typically considered the best graphics processors for gaming.

Not only could nvidia's processors become the first choice for many metaverse users, but the company is also building its own omniverse platform that developers can use to build their metaverse experiences. Interest in the company's omniverse platform is growing fast: more than 70.000 users have already signed up.

5. Cybersecurity: $116 billion in revenue by 2025

Cybersecurity is a trend we probably all wish wasn't unstoppable, as its growth stems from the increasing need to protect our devices. But as long as there are criminals trying to steal people's data – and there always will be – it's good that companies like crowdstrike holdings ( WKN:A2PK2R 0.74 % ) exist.

Crowdstrike states that there was an 82% increase in ransomware-related data leaks in 2021, and it's statistics like these that have helped the company grow steeply.

In the most recent quarter (whose results were released on 1. December were published), crowdstrike's number of customers has increased by 75% and revenue by 63%. Just as importantly, crowdstrike's customers are taking up more and more services: 68% of the company's subscription customers use at least four of the company's cybersecurity modules.

Crowdstrike helps companies combat cybersecurity threats and estimates that the total addressable market will grow from $55 billion this year to $116 billion in 2025.

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