Asylum seeker shelter becomes pension again

The accommodation for asylum seekers in the former pension "drei-franken-eck" in aschbach is to be used again in the future as a boarding house, however, without the lounge and hospitality rooms. An application for rezoning was presented to the schlusselfeld council at the meeting of the building committee. At the request of the committee members, however, the item was dealt with in the full body of the town council.

60 guest beds and two apartments to be built according to the plans of the applicant, elke wollschon from wurzburg. As it was learned, there are only a few asylum seekers left in the aschbach accommodation. After the reconstruction, the building will be used by employees of local companies.

Rough companies in the area of the city employ workers from different countries, who will live there. The rooms are planned with showers and small cakes. The city council members thought the proposed use made a lot of sense. The only problem are the – in the opinion of the administration – insufficient parking spaces. The plan will be forwarded to the district office for approval.

"We are very excited to get started", mayor johannes krapp commented on the construction plan for the poraver company’s building project. The company is planning to build a new production, order picking and storage facility in the industrial park. The contract for the construction of the hall has already been awarded, says krapp. In september should be started with the work.

No decision was made on an application for land replenishment in reichmannsdorf. 32,000 cubic meters are now to be added to the existing fill. In the city council, this was not without criticism, as some council members feared that fill material could be brought in from all over. Mayor krapp suggested that the land be inspected at a site visit. Lake