Audi, seat and skoda: mass car recall looming?

Jerks in cars? The problems with the electronic emergency call assistant "ecall concern next to the new "VW golf other car models from the group. According to information from company sources, the "audi" and "skoda and "seat" similar difficulties – at the moment this is being intensively examined.

The new editions of the "audi A3, "seat leon" and "skoda octavia" based on the same basic construction kit as the "golf 8. Cause of possible failures is said to be a malfunction of the software. For the "golf and "octavia a delivery stop is already in place.

Audi, seat and skoda: cars to be recalled soon?

Over the weekend, audi stated that so far the "phenomenon with the new A3" could not be explained do not adjust exactly. "We continue to analyze, also because there are minor differences in hardware and software." the trade journal automobilwoche said a spokesman for the ingolstadt subsidiary: "the basic assumption that corresponding audi models could also be affected is correct."

At "seat at this early stage of the analysis, we are evaluating the details and working on a solution."

The new skoda octavia will also be tested for malfunctions of the "ecall" investigates. Here – as with the golf – deliveries have already been interrupted according to the czech sister brand. On friday (15. May 2020), it had become known that "volkswagen" was must be prepared for a recall of the new golf version that has just been launched. During internal investigations, unreliable data transmission to the control unit was noticed in individual vehicles. The function of the emergency call assistant could therefore not be fully guaranteed.

Corona crisis: demand for cars slumps

A decision of the "kraftfahrt-bundesamt (KBA)" (federal motor transport authority) a recall and necessary software update is expected in the coming days. Until further notice "VW" supplies the "golf 8" therefore no longer out. Production will continue for the time being – but all new cars have now been placed in stock for the time being, according to reports from the group environment. This could further exacerbate the gross sales problems. As a result of the corona crisis, demand has collapsed, car dealerships have been closed for long periods, and in some locations there is a backlog of finished new cars.

The "VW"-works council warns of further jolts for the "golf-production at the wolfsburg parent plant. The current underutilization of capacity with several canceled shifts could get even worse.

The employee representatives are therefore calling for an additional mass model to be established at the headquarters in the medium term. The golf is considered the most important product of the largest german industrial group. Even before its launch, there had been delays with the electronic equipment.
Meanwhile, the debate about the controversial payment of the dividend is gaining momentum.

According to information from the hannoversche allgemeine zeitung volkswagen still plans to pay out around three billion euros to shareholders for 2019. However, it was pointed out internally that a new evaluation could not be completely ruled out after the postponement of the annual general meeting.

Minister president and co-supervisor stephan weil (SPD) pointed out that the control committee would deal with the issue of dividends again as soon as the date for the shareholders' meeting had been set. Lower saxony is the second-largest "VW" with 20 percent-shareholders. According to previous dividend plans, the state received 383 million euros.