Musical treat in mitwitz

Musical treat in mitwitz

The visitors of an extraordinary concert on the second sunday of advent in the jakobskirche of the evangelische kirchengemeinde mitwitz experienced a musical treat. It was performed by the ensemble of" sax& keyb consort" from thuringia’s neighboring community neuhaus-schierschnitz under the leadership of jens roser. He played the baritone saxophone, sabine roschlau-mai on the piano and the flute, with the alto saxophone were evelyn roser, martin roser and with the tenor saxophone anja walter to be heard. And the young schoolgirl anabel knauer also enriched the one-hour program with her alto saxophone.

In 2001, five music enthusiasts got together as a saxophone quartet with piano to make music in their free time. Since then, the focus of their performances has been on concerts in churches and concert halls, and their current advent concert was their fourth appearance in mitwitz. The timbre of their programs, including the one in mitwitz, was further enhanced by the singer juliane rob, who also led through the program. This was opened musically with "macht hoch die tur" (raise the tur) and concluded with the folk song "at the christmas tree. Juliane rob began by telling of christmas customs in other countries that were musically visited at this concert. For example with the swedish song" jul,jul, stralande jul", the finnish melody "sylvian joululaulu, "in the bleak midwinter" from great britain "have yourself a merry little christmas from the USA "de tierrra lejana venimos" from puerto rico as well as "cantique de noel" from france. Not too short in the program came german songs. This includes "O heiland reib die himmel auf" (O savior open the heavens), "daughter of zion, "how shall i receive you", "the skaters", "new christmas songs" according to an arrangement by werner thielemann "weiber wienerwald" or "flakes fall from the sky. The audience thanked the performers with a round of applause and also gladly responded to pastor burkhard sachs’ request for voluntary donations. Hfm


The atlantis rolled through the entire county starting in august 2004

the atlantis rolled through the entire county starting in august 2004

Bernhard panzer the family swimming pool got its own advertising carrier in august 2004. The atlantis wave swept through the entire county on a new liner bus from the company vogel. The bus will be used primarily on the baiersdorf-mohrendorf-herzogenaurach-erlangen route and in some cases as far as geiselwind or schlusselfeld, explained bus operator werner vogel at the commissioning ceremony.

The "frankens happy family bath" logo emblazoned on a 49-seater MAN brand that cost a hefty 180000 euros. The last time a bus from the then schacher company was on the road advertising the leisure pool was about ten years ago, it was said at the local meeting.

Bader boss wolfgang schneider explained at the time: "for us, the use in the erlangen city area is particularly interesting". Because on the route one could address many potential bath guests.


Austria: increase in recovered higher than new infections

austria: increase in recovered higher than new infections

In austria, the number of people recovered from covid-19 has risen faster than the number of new confirmed coronavirus infections within 24 hours for the first time ever.

As the ministry of health in vienna confirmed to the german press agency, there were with stand saturday, 8 o’clock, 11.525 confirmed cases of sars cov 2 infection in the alpine republic – 354 cases more than the day before.

From the lung disease covid-19 caused by the coronavirus were recovered as of saturday, 9.30 o’clock, a total of 2507 people – that’s 485 more than the day before.


Brose baskets see no problems with tax authority

Brose baskets see no problems with tax authority

Tax officials investigate sponsorship contracts of german basketball champion brose baskets bamberg. "The club has nothing to fear, manager wolfgang heyder said on wednesday at the request of the news agency dpa.

Bavarian radio had previously reported a tax investigation into the upper franconians. The investigators had seized documents at the beginning of october and were mainly interested in the allocation of vip tickets, the station reported.

Heyder, on the other hand, emphasized: "we voluntarily handed over the documents we had requested four weeks ago within two hours." The tax authority had approached the association within the framework of a federal audit.


Why there will be no new building area in marktrodach after all

Why there will be no new building area in marktrodach after all

The result of a noise protection survey puts a spanner in the works for building applicants in marktrodach. The designation of the brownfield site in the former quarry area in kleinvichtach as building land is therefore off the table for the time being. Around 20 prospective home builders now have to embark on a new search to fulfill their dream of owning their own home.

As mayor norbert grabner explained, there was a lively demand for construction in his community. It was only in the recent past that the buhl III and IV areas were designated as building areas, developed and built on.

Industrial wasteland eliminated

The market is now planning to convert the former quarry land in marktrodach to residential use. A total of 20 building sites should be created there. The owner of the land wanted to invest the proceeds in a multi-family house that was also to be built on the site.


After stauffenberg’s assassination, the nazis sacked greifenstein castle

After stauffenberg's assassination, the nazis sacked greifenstein castle

In a few days there will be a round commemoration of a remarkable and historically significant event. 75 years ago, colonel claus schenk von stauffenberg was executed at the fuhrer headquarters, the "wolfsschanze", two bombs in his briefcase, with which he wanted to kill the dictator adolf hitler at a meeting. The assassination attempt failed and the subsequent riots also affected french-speaking switzerland.

The 20. July 1944 was a thursday, a day etched in the history books and in people’s minds: the last known attack (of some 40 suspected) on hitler. It failed, but in the eyes of the european public there was a small hope that not all germans were automatically nazis who despised humanity.

Conspirators executed

Hadn’t stauffenberg betrayed himself by flying to berlin and launching "unternehmen walkure"?, the overthrow of hitler’s dictatorship, he might never have been exposed. But hitler very quickly learned of the overthrow plan and was able to take immediate revenge. Still in the night of 20. July, the graf and other conspirators were executed in berlin. Several thousand people were gradually arrested, and about 200 more conspirators were court-martialed. They were sentenced to death by the famous judge roland freisler. A very painful time began for the von stauffenberg family. On 21. July the gestapo occupied the greifenstein castle near heiligenstadt. For three days, the state police interrogated all members of the family, the assassin’s nephew, otto philipp schenk von stauffenberg, recalled many years later. The castle was confiscated in july. According to the will of heinrich himmler, it was to be rounded off in august "and the clan destroyed".


Married for 70 years: “above all, there is love”

Married for 70 years: 'above all, there is love'

Elmar wendenburg delicately reaches for the hand of his wife dorothea. They look deep into each other’s eyes. The two of them don’t have to say much on the bench in their garden at home: after 70 years of marriage, they know about each other: "above all, there is love!", says the 93-year-old senior with a mischievous laugh and receives a nod of approval from his 94-year-old wife. "Love has kept us together for 70 years, through all the highs and lows," adds elmar wendenburg, adds elmar wendenburg.

On wednesday, the mentally active couple will celebrate the rare occasion of their gracious wedding anniversary in their house on the stephansberg – together with their daughters sylvia and isolde, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. One or two guests of honor will drop by. Andreas stark, the head burgermeister, has also confirmed his attendance. It was important for the couple to celebrate the day of the catholic-church wedding: on 29. July 1950 they were married in the knight’s chapel at habfurt. They had gone to the registry office a day earlier.

Dancing close to each other

Elmar wendenburg, a native of habfurt, and the refugee girl dorothea nafe from wroclaw met on club bales. Dancing and chatting brought them closer together. The common future was sealed and also received the necessary rustzeug by the former breslau company of the parents-in-law of elmar wendenburg in habfurt again founded. "Iron merchant" this is simply the name of his profession, in which he moved the business to bamberg in 1953 and, in his own words, made it one of the leading specialist shops in northern bavaria.


Shocking allegations of abuse in catholic us church

shocking allegations of abuse in catholic us church

Sexual abuse up to and including rape and deliberate cover-ups: more than 300 catholic priests in the u.S. State of pennsylvania are alleged to have abused thousands of children over the past 70 years.

"Although the list of priests is long – we don’t think we got them all," said pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro. The accusations cover six of the eight dioceses in pennsylvania.

Shapiro, who presented the results of the investigation so far in a nearly 900-page report on tuesday, assumes thousands of victims. He believes that many of them had not dared to report the abuse. About 1000 have been identified. "Priests raped little boys and girls, and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing – they hid everything," the report says. "The church protected its institutions – no matter the cost."


Factory fire in rouen: no hazardous substances released

Factory fire in rouen: no hazardous substances released

The samples taken give no cause for concern, as prefect pierre-andre durand said at a press conference on friday morning. There were no casualties in the fire. The cause of the fire initially remained unclear. Schools and daycare centers in the region closed on friday. The facilities are scheduled to reopen on monday after basic cleaning. The prefecture asked the public to clean rubbish-contaminated surfaces with water only.

The fire was completely extinguished on thursday evening, according to the authorities. A gigantic smoke column had previously risen from the chemical plant. French media reported huge flames and explosions at the factory of the lubrizol company, which manufactures additives for oils.

According to the authorities, the factory in normandy belongs to the so-called seveso category of hazardous sites that are subject to special monitoring. In 1976, a devastating chemical accident occurred in the italian town of seveso near milan.


Burglars steal computer and cell phone in kurnach

Burglars steal computer and cell phone in kurnach

According to the police, a resident of a duplex in kurnach in the strabe am stutz on friday apparently interrupted thieves in their execution of the crime. The owner of the apartment had got up shortly before 05:30 a.M. And went to the first floor of the house. When the 35-year-old entered the living room, he noticed the open terrace door. When he went to check on things, he noticed a dark van or station wagon that had just been started near the house and drove away.

It was only afterwards that the man discovered that unknown persons had apparently been in the first floor of the house. The burglars were apparently looking for valuables. Among other things, a cell phone and a laptop computer fell into their hands. All in all, they love to take away loot worth several hundred euros. Despite an immediately initiated manhunt is missing from the perpetrators so far any trace.

The criminal investigation officer is also hoping for information from the public. Residents who saw a suspicious vehicle or persons in the strabe am stutz on friday morning are asked to contact tel. 0931/457-1732 to report. Pole