“Unhinged – auber control”: russell crowe flips out

For rachel, one immediately has sympathy. The stressed mother is once again late in the morning. With son kyle in the back seat, who has to go to school, she is stuck in a traffic jam.

The still-husband is annoying on the phone with divorce stuff, the most important customer is calling because rachel is not on time for the appointment. And then there’s this: a truck is in front of her at a green light and doesn’t move off. Rachel presses the horn annoyed, then overtakes a little too fast on the right side.

It is a rather harmless case of aggression in traffic that leads to a real wutorgie in the thriller "unhinged – out of control. For at the wheel of the truck sits russell crowe. A look at his bearded, slightly puffy face says it all: this can’t go well.


Kulmbacher stefan sandler has been at the tap for 20 years

Kulmbacher stefan sandler has been at the tap for 20 years

Sandler has been on tap for almost 20 years, most recently in the eku corner, where he and his team of ten people ensure "seamless thirst-quenching" provides.

And that's where his fitness comes in handy, because standing at the tap for nine days in a row and always filling the mab correctly isn't easy, he says, looking at the jug with a gazing eye. "If you do it for as long as I did, it's no longer a problem. I was able to do it blindfolded."


In the past, tapping was more difficult, you needed more fingertip feeling to complete a mab in one go. But thank goodness the technology has developed further. For him, the principle is: "do not rub the guests". During rush hours, between 8 pm and 11 pm and on weekends, it can happen that the jug is not quite full, so we refill it."