Buying new furniture despite a small budget: this is how it works!

Even during periods of short-time work, many people in germany, austria or switzerland do not want to have to do without new furniture. If you have ever tried to build your own indoor or outdoor furniture from euro pallets, you will have quickly noticed that this type of DIY furniture construction can quickly run into money.

On the internet there is for under 100 € already a lot to choose from for the modern living room. Especially a wall unit is not so easy and above all inexpensive to build yourself as you might think at the beginning. If you want to build an entire living room wall yourself, you will always need an exact sketch in advance and the right accessories such as hinges, interior lighting and a matching wood. Choosing a paint color also requires some preliminary work, as not every paint color is equally suitable for use indoors

Requirements for the modern wall unit

Current televisions are getting bigger and heavier. These hardly fit on or in a wall unit in the living room, but are attached with sturdy and hard-wearing wall brackets. These also offer the advantage that the TV in the living room can be conveniently tilted or swiveled sideways. Otherwise, however, the requirements for a new living room cabinet are highly individual: some people prefer to place decorative objects in the living room or fresh flowers in the living wall, while others prefer to store books, cds or video games in the wall unit. When planning your own wall unit, good advice is often expensive and irreplaceable. Here we have collected the best tips and tricks from real heimerker professionals for you, with the building of their own furniture easily and with as little stress as possible succeeds. If you already have the right tools at home, you can still build beautiful and modern living room furniture despite financial losses due to short-time work and do not have to sacrifice anything.

Buying living room furniture on account or in installments: interest-free loan possible

At many furniture stores it is possible at corona time to buy a new add-on wall and pay only in a few months. This is particularly easy when buying furniture over the internet. A further, mad way, in order not to have to wait despite short work for months for the new living room cabinet, is the possibility of the flexible installment payment. The total price for the new living room furniture is simply divided into many small installments, which can then be conveniently paid off in the coming months. Some furniture stores charge variable interest rates for this, so the total amount for the new wall unit can increase. Other leading furniture stores, however, offer their customers an interest-free installment payment, so that really every short worker can afford living walls. Who would like to lock no purchase on rates or can, has usually with parents or parents-in-law the possibility of receiving an interest-free loan. This can be paid back in cash in the future, but in many families it is also common to work off the borrowed money and give parents more help around the house and garden.

Financing the new living room wall with odd jobs

Neighborly help has become indispensable especially in times of corona for many elderly and infirm people. It is quite common to get paid for helping your neighbors, but this kind of work usually does not have to be registered with the health insurance. Who has a well developed, social network at its domicile, can keep itself well over water with neighbourly auxiliary activities straight in times of short-time work, so that also a larger furniture purchase does not have to become the financial challenge. There are also a lot of job offers for students or pupils, which can be combined with periods of short-time work in order to maintain private liquidity and to have sufficient financial means to be able to afford new living room furniture at any time. The most price-conscious way is to buy only a part of the furniture and to do as much as possible on the living room furniture yourself.