Car loan without schufa – test 2022

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Around one third of all cars registered in germany are financed. Since not every vehicle owner has a 1A credit rating, it can be assumed that one or the other car was paid for by a car loan despite schufa. However, the question remains how to get a serious car loan without schufa. Black sheep among credit brokers romp enough on the market.

What to look for in a car loan despite schufa?

Of course, the question arises, what a car buyer must pay particular attention to, if he wants to take out a car loan despite schufa. There are quite clear criteria that distinguish reputable from unserious providers. Reputable providers

  • Do not charge their customers any fees
  • Don't try to sell insurance or a home savings contract first
  • Are paid solely by the lender

If these requirements are met, borrowers can assume that they are dealing with a reputable intermediary for a car loan without schufa.

Unseriose offerers require frequently already in the apron a fee. Their business model boils down to just getting the money from the potential borrower without actually making an effort to actually arrange car financing despite schufa.

How does a car financing without schufa?

German banks and retailers report every borrowing to schufa. In addition, all payment irregularities in the repayment of a loan or unpaid direct debits, for example, cell phone contracts are recorded there.

So it may well happen that car financing despite schufa becomes necessary because in the past the direct debit from the cell phone provider was not honored.

An institution like schufa is not known abroad. Loans despite schufa also carry the designation "swiss credit. This makes it clear where the financing institutions are located – in switzerland and liechtenstein.

Car financing despite schufa does not mean that the banks abroad lend the money without any check, on the contrary. Applicants go through the same credit check process as in germany, but without the schufa inquiry.

The conditions for a car financing without schufa are

  • Age of majority of the applicant
  • A residence in germany
  • A bank connection with a german bank
  • A regular income
  • A salary assignment or other collateral

When does a car financing make sense despite schufa?

The thought of a new car may not only be based on the desire, sometimes it can also be a real necessity to finance a vehicle, if there are not enough own funds available for the purchase.

If the potential buyer has too many negative entries in the schufa, the likelihood that he will receive a loan in this country decreases – the car financing despite schufa offers itself as a solution.

But there may also be another background. Suppose major financing is on the horizon, perhaps even planned real estate purchase. In this case, a car loan could lead to the fact that the bank does not want to finance the full loan amount, because there is still another credit. Here the financing without schufa, quasi as a "side loan" offers itself, since the loan does not appear in germany. A new car and a new home are thus assured.

How to get a car loan despite credit history?

This, of course, is the all-important question for many car buyers. In the days before the internet, it was the newspapers where intermediaries offered their services. To complete a comparison, however, was a laborious matter. Online comparisons offer two key advantages over the previous approach: