Austria: increase in recovered higher than new infections

austria: increase in recovered higher than new infections

In austria, the number of people recovered from covid-19 has risen faster than the number of new confirmed coronavirus infections within 24 hours for the first time ever.

As the ministry of health in vienna confirmed to the german press agency, there were with stand saturday, 8 o’clock, 11.525 confirmed cases of sars cov 2 infection in the alpine republic – 354 cases more than the day before.

From the lung disease covid-19 caused by the coronavirus were recovered as of saturday, 9.30 o’clock, a total of 2507 people – that’s 485 more than the day before.


Tortoises on their way to the zoo clinic in a lego wheelchair

tortoises on their way to the zoo clinic in a lego wheelchair

A badly injured tortoiseshell rides a lego wheelchair through the clinic at the maryland zoo in baltimore after armor surgery. The injured animal was found in a park by a zoo employee in july and brought to the clinic.

After the successful operation two months ago, the zoo team developed the unusual wheelchair together with a lego enthusiast friend of theirs. "The wheels allow the tortoiseshell maximum freedom of movement". The lego is light and changeable. This gives us room for maneuver," zoo director ellen bronson, who is responsible for animal health, told the german press agency.

"The tortoiseshell had a broken abdominal shell. It’s unusual for turtles to be injured only on the underside," bronson said. Since the intervention, the shell has been held together by metal plates, clamps and wires.


Six underground u.s. Nuclear fuel tanks leak

Six underground u.s. nuclear fuel tanks leak

While this is disturbing news, there are no health risks at this time, CNN, among others, quoted the governor as saying on saturday. Energy minister steven chu informed him at a meeting.

Hanford considered the most seriously radioactively contaminated place in the western hemisphere, according to CNN. Plutonium was produced here in the 1940s and during the cold war for the construction of atomic bombs. Later, several nuclear reactors were added, the last of which closed in 1987.

Already a week ago there was talk of a single lick. Even then, inslee had declared that there were no acute dangers for the people. It will take quite a long time for the nuclear waste to reach the groundwater or the nearby columbia river.


Families of neo-nazi victims visit president gauck

families of neo-Nazi victims visit president gauck

He promised the families: "I want to help ensure that their suffering continues to be recognized and acknowledged. And that it will be cleared up, where there have been mistakes and failures, that it will be talked about and if necessary also argued, what we have to learn from it!"

Ten murders between 2000 and 2007 attributed to neo-nazi trio. Gauck recalled in his funeral, according to the redemanuscript, that his predecessor christian wulff had already invited relatives of the murdered to bellevue castle in november 2011. At that time, it had just become known that the murders and attacks on nine small businessmen of turkish and greek origin and on a policewoman were the work of the zwickau neo-nazi terrorist cell. For many years, the right-wing terrorist background had not been uncovered. Instead, the environment of the victims was suspected.

Before the meeting, the cancellation of one of the members had caused disgruntlement. The sister of a murdered man from hamburg wanted to come only with a lawyer, but the prasidialamt refused with reference to the limited number of participants. In an open letter, aysen taskopru wrote: "mr. Gauck, my brother is only important to you because the NSU is a political issue in germany. What do they want to change about our suffering? Do you think it helps me if you are affected??" There were several cancellations, also for health reasons.


Trump insults mexico and expands trade war

Trump insults Mexico and expands trade war

Donald trump scolds mexico – and swings the tariff club again. Mexico is taking advantage of the U.S. The problem is that mexico "takes but never gives," the U.S. President wrote on twitter, referring to what he sees as mexico’s lack of border security.

This has been going on for decades. On thursday, he had announced massive tariffs against the neighboring country as a countermeasure. The trade war with china also continues to escalate.

"Either they stop the invasion of our country by drug dealers, mafia gangs, human traffickers, coyotes and illegal immigrants, which they can do very easily," trump continued. "Or our many companies and jobs that have been foolishly allowed to move south of the border will be brought back by taxation (tariffs)," writes the president. "America has had enough!"


Who warns against too little movement

Who warns against too little movement

More and more people from richer countries are not getting enough exercise. In germany, among other countries, the number of people who do not exercise enough or are not physically active enough in their daily lives has recently risen by more than 15 percent.

This is what researchers from the world health organization (WHO) show in a study published this wednesday.

In 2016, 42.2 percent of germans did not exercise enough. Among economically comparable countries, only the portuguese, new zealanders and cypriots are lazier. Globally, the proportion of physically inactive people was 27.5 percent in 2016 – just one percent lower than 15 years earlier. People in richer countries tend to be less active (around 37 percent) than people in poorer countries (around 16 percent).


Edwin and anne wagner: their love lasts 65 years

Edwin and anne wagner: their love lasts 65 years

Edwin and anne wagner recently celebrated their rare iron wedding anniversary in the closest family circle. Love at first sight for 65 years.

At that time, anne wagner was supposed to deliver a letter to the otto publishing house in bamberg for the print shop where she was working. At that time, the jubilarian was a publishing house clerk. When they met, there was an immediate spark between the two of them.

On whitsunday 1955, the young couple said "I do" to each other. For professional reasons, the couple initially lived in essen, where their daughter and son were born. Later they moved back to bamberg. Their second son was born here. Anne and edwin wagner have lived in their own house in the memmelsdorf suburb of drosendorf since 1973.