Why student loan debt is worse for women

Once again, women find themselves on unequal footing. This time, it’s student loan debt.

A recent report, deeper in debt: women and student loans, by the american association of university women (AAUW), found that student loans are burdening women disproportionately. Women of color, low-income women, and female students who drop out before getting their degree suffered to an even greater extent.

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How do i get a loan as a self-employed person??

Self-employed people usually don't have an easy time getting a loan. The reason is, lenders want their money back along with interest in a certain amount of time. To achieve this goal, they require a guarantee in the form of the borrower's creditworthiness. This includes a positive credit report, a regular income, a guarantee or other security.

Self-employed persons and other groups of persons such as freelancers and students do not have a regular income, which means that they are generally not considered creditworthy by banks. A large, unplanned risk for the self-employed is also hidden in an unexpected drop in orders or outstanding receivables. Factors that are usually not assessable or influenceable. Many reasons why credit institutions have difficulties with a loan for the self-employed.

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How useful is a residual debt insurance?

Residual debt insurance is actually indispensable in the eyes of bankers when taking out a loan. If the borrower dies during the loan period, the policy discharges the existing loan amount. The contract also covers the borrower if he becomes unemployed or incapacitated through no fault of his own. What sounds good at first, but also has its hooks. Both unemployment and disability clauses do have pitfalls before the insurer is obligated to provide benefits. Borrowers should examine the residual debt insurance but also under cost points carefully.

A term insurance policy is often the cheaper option for coverage

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What to know before taking out a home renovation loan

home renovation loan

Many people believe that investing in your home is never a bad idea. One way in which you can invest in your property is through a home renovation loan. Home renovation loans can either be an important tool for leveraging value-adding projects or provide you the means of getting emergency repairs taken care of. Whatever the case, it is important to know how you can best use a home renovation loan to improve your property.

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Advantages of federal direct loans

Advantages of limited liability companies and ugs? What YOU should know! (october 2022)

Advantages of federal direct loans

Tuition is still rising much faster than inflation. Students and their families are increasingly forced to turn to student loans to finance education.

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Wallbox promotion: what you should know

Wallbox of the Solingen public utility company

Simply charging the e-car at home with the wallbox – that's what more and more people in solingen now want to do. In this overview you will find out where you can get financial support for the purchase of a wallbox and what has to be considered for a wallbox subsidy.

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What can you do if the bank cancels your loan agreement??

Various unforeseen situations such as a broken car or a sudden damage to the house, but also a short-term financial bottleneck, because the employer is late with the payment, can cause that you suddenly need a loan. The banks, especially the direct banks, entice you with fabulously low interest rates, especially now that the key interest rate of the european central bank has reached its historic record low. A loan application is quickly made; various documents to check your creditworthiness must be submitted. The application and documents are checked, a schufa report is obtained, and if all requirements are met, the loan is disbursed. Now it can happen that your bank cancels your credit agreement – the bank has various reasons for this. In various cases, the bank is entitled to terminate the loan agreement, but termination is not always actually legal. Therefore, if you have received a notice from your bank, you should examine the process carefully and seek the advice of an expert.

What you should know about the cancellation of the loan agreement by the bank

What to do if the bank cancels your loan agreement

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Financing christmas gifts – what to look out for

Christmas is the festival of love; but in this day and age, it is also the festival of gifts. You want to give your loved ones extra nice gifts to make them happy. But often the cost of wishes exceeds your budget, whether it's new toys for the kids, jewelry for your sweetheart or a shared experience. Fortunately, there are options for financing particularly expensive gifts through a loan. In which cases it is advisable and what you should consider, we will show you in this article.

How expensive should christmas gifts be, anyway?

Basically, of course, you can never find the right answer for this. Statistically, each german spends about 280 euros on christmas gifts. According to statista, in turn, it was per capita in 2011 still 338.90 euros, whereas in 2019 we are already at 475 euros. Specifically

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What happens if my employer has to file for insolvency because of corona?

The effects of the corona pandemic are driving many small businesses in particular into insolvency. The va piano restaurant chain filed for insolvency on friday. What comes to the employees concerned?

If a company can no longer meet its payment obligations to creditors or is threatened with insolvency, this is referred to as insolvency or a ground for insolvency. The creditors also include the employees if they still have claims against the company. The company is then obliged to apply to the district court for the opening of insolvency proceedings. The court then decides by order whether to open insolvency proceedings.

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Our instant loan comparison for austria

You need a quick and uncomplicated loan, but do not want to do without the security of an austrian bank. Then you are in the right place with our comparison of instant loans that you can take out directly online!

What is an instant loan?

An instant loan is an installment loan but has an important advantage. The loan is granted more quickly, which is why it is often called a lightning loan. Often you will receive confirmation of the approval of the loan amount within 24 hours of applying for the loan. The application is almost always done online, the loan amount is in some cases already after 2 working days with you on the account.

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