Mother’s day visit to the old people’s home: what are the rules in the kitzingen district??

mother's day visit to the old people's home: what are the rules in the kitzingen district??

For weeks there was a ban on visitors in the nursing homes. Just in time for mother’s day, the rules have now been relaxed : one fixed, registered person per resident is allowed to visit the facilities again as of saturday. But to avoid an anstrum on mother’s day, there are even more special rules in the old people’s homes in the district of kitzingen.

In principle, visitors must call in advance and register as a contact person so that the chain of infection can be traced in case of infection. During the visit, the usual hygiene rules apply, such as face masks and sufficient safety distance.

Visits are possible only outside the living room

To ensure this, they set up a visitors’ tent in the kitzingerland nursing home, which adjoined the winter garden in the cafeteria. "The visiting time is limited to half an hour", says the head of the facility, helmut witt. In this way, the nursing home wants to give all residents the chance to visit.


Macron invites lebanon’s prime minister hariri to france

Macron invites lebanon's prime minister hariri to france

In the lebanon crisis, france’s president emmanuel macron invited lebanese head of government saad hariri and his family to france.

Macron had previously spoken with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman and hariri, the elysee palace said in a terse statement. Hariri could come to france as early as in the coming days, elysee circles confirmed to the german press agency. Earlier, the AFP news agency had reported that.

Hariri had announced his resignation from saudi arabia earlier this month – with which country he maintains close ties. He hinted at a murder plot by the lebanese shiite militia hezbollah, which is supported by iran and syria. With that, the 47-year-old unleashed speculation that his withdrawal was forced by riyadh to create tension with hezbollah.


Ikea founder ingvar kamprad is dead: how his furniture store became a global corporation

Ikea founder ingvar kamprad is dead: how his furniture store became a global corporation

This furniture store is mega famous: ikea with the yellow-blue logo. The letters have a lot to do with the man who founded the company. He heb ingvar kamprad.

On sunday, it was announced that he had died in his native sweden at the age of 91. This was announced by the company on sunday via the short message service twitter. According to the report, kamprad fell asleep peacefully in his home in the småland region. "Ingvar will be greatly missed and remembered by his family and by ikea employees around the world", hight hight hight.

Ikea promises pregnant women a discount: but you'll have to pee on the catalog to get it


Public holiday in kronach: which shops are open for business??

public holiday in kronach: which shops are open for business??

Again and again, in kronach up to four times a year, the burghers ask themselves on sundays or holidays the question: business or church service? Shopping or resting? In kulmbach there have been discussions about this only at the beginning of the year. The area within which shops are allowed to open on open sundays has been restricted to the immediate vicinity of the spring market.

"Why is this not the case in kronach?", asks an anonymous writer in an e-mail to the editor. After all, in kronach, many stores located outside the city center were open without any problems.

Dieter krapp, head of kronach’s public order office, reports that municipalities or communities can decide for themselves whether to extend open sales days to businesses outside of markets. "That is a matter for the city council", says krapp. Because: a uniform practice has not yet been established in bavaria.


Asylum seeker shelter becomes pension again

The accommodation for asylum seekers in the former pension "drei-franken-eck" in aschbach is to be used again in the future as a boarding house, however, without the lounge and hospitality rooms. An application for rezoning was presented to the schlusselfeld council at the meeting of the building committee. At the request of the committee members, however, the item was dealt with in the full body of the town council.

60 guest beds and two apartments to be built according to the plans of the applicant, elke wollschon from wurzburg. As it was learned, there are only a few asylum seekers left in the aschbach accommodation. After the reconstruction, the building will be used by employees of local companies.

Rough companies in the area of the city employ workers from different countries, who will live there. The rooms are planned with showers and small cakes. The city council members thought the proposed use made a lot of sense. The only problem are the – in the opinion of the administration – insufficient parking spaces. The plan will be forwarded to the district office for approval.


Police warn again of rat poison in heroldsbach

A few weeks ago, the forchheim police department had already warned that rat poison, which is no longer commercially available due to its highly toxic properties, was being laid out in the birkenweg area of heroldsbach.

This particular type of dioxin has, among other things, an active ingredient that leads not only to primary poisoning in the pests or other animals, but also to the death of the pigs. It is also a danger for birds of prey or similar animals that eat the dead or poisoned pests. There is still a danger – as is currently the case – that cats or dogs will ingest this active ingredient in the poison bags, carry it away and deposit it elsewhere in the vicinity of a playground or in private gardens where children are playing.

Forensic investigation

The toxic coders seized so far will be successively investigated by a specialist forensic department. The forchheim police department is once again appealing to parents in particular to report any such observations to the security authorities – primarily the forchheim police department or the municipality of heroldsbach.


Cyprus wants softer conditions

Cyprus wants softer conditions

This is putting cypriot society to the test," anastasiades told the magazine "der spiegel". He does not want to renegotiate the agreement with the troika of the EU commission, the european central bank and the international monetary fund. "I’m not asking for preferential treatment, just equal treatment," he said.

The euro partners had recently made it clear that the recently agreed rescue package of ten billion euros would not be renegotiated or topped up.

Bundesbank president jens weidmann also rejects the idea of the central banks taking over possible losses of cypriot banks in the bailout of cyprus. "In cyprus, an attempt is currently being made to pass on the costs of restructuring banks to the central banks," he told the "suddeutsche zeitung" (monday). He does not consider this "acceptable," weidmann said. "From my point of view, it must be made clear that the restructuring of banks is a task of fiscal policy, not of the euro system."


Dog flusterer translates for master and dog

dog flusterer translates for master and dog

Ute horbach is no stranger to animals. The trained medical assistant (for humans) has been working together with natascha hahn in a veterinary practice in altershausen since 2004. "Natasha takes care of the physical well-being and I take care of the mental well-being", says ute horbach.

She has been certified as a behavior consultant and dog trainer by the ethological seminars of bavaria and has completed a similar training at the professional association of dog trainers and behavior consultants (BHV).

Dog-human, human-dog
The 56-year-old has been caring for the whims of her master, mistress and dog for almost 13 years. Or better yet: about the communication between man and animal. There are quite a lot of misunderstandings.


Giving up is not an option

Giving up is not an option

"We make miracles happen. Again and again we are ready to go beyond borders." In his unpublished youtube video andreas charl sings the lines of his refrain full of conviction. While the intention at the beginning of the year was to sing the german national team to victory at the european championship 2020, the intention today is completely different: to give people comfort in times of corona and to put a smile on their faces. In his video, which has already been viewed more than 27,000 times, the singer, who lives in hirschaid, shows pictures of various professional people, who are sad at the beginning, but become more and more positive as the song progresses.

How did your EM song become a song of hope in corona times?

Andreas charl: when we started recording this song in february, we were completely euphoric that we might land a hit with the many millions of soccer fans in germany. Then the european championship was canceled due to corona. On the way home from my job at a big music house, i got the final mix of our song from my producer and that’s when it all clicked.


Exciting color experiments

Kronach – known far beyond the borders of the district for her works of light art – the giant poppies shone at light events all over germany – andrea lieb also sets radiant accents with her colorful paintings. After an exhibition in 2015 in the gallery in the district office kronach and 2016 in the counter hall of the sparkasse kulmbach/kronach in kronach, the latest pictures are now to be seen in the store windows and in the shop optik lieb, spitalstrabe 8 in kronach during store opening hours. The exhibition can be visited until saturday 29. February, can be visited.

In their expressive images, soft color gradients alternate with strong contrasts. Multiple layers of glazing on top of each other create entirely new, delicate color effects. Powerful, boldly placed contrasting colors bring dynamism and power to the paintings. Lines draw traces, break up the flats, create new axes of vision and direct the gaze through the pictures.

The artist experiments with a wide variety of materials and tools. Brushes and paint rollers are used as well as shapers, sponges and small wooden sticks. With sand and putty, she succeeds in creating structure and depth in her paintings. Olpastel chalk, salt, pigments and acrylic paints in alternation create their very own color transitions. Each of your paintings is created in a living process. Colors will be applied and taken away, hidden and partly made visible again. A new color flat puts another picture plane in the focus and thus demands a new weighting of existing picture elements. Thus andrea lieb creates from her initial ideas very individual and lively pictures.