Married for 70 years: “above all, there is love”

Married for 70 years: 'above all, there is love'

Elmar wendenburg delicately reaches for the hand of his wife dorothea. They look deep into each other’s eyes. The two of them don’t have to say much on the bench in their garden at home: after 70 years of marriage, they know about each other: "above all, there is love!", says the 93-year-old senior with a mischievous laugh and receives a nod of approval from his 94-year-old wife. "Love has kept us together for 70 years, through all the highs and lows," adds elmar wendenburg, adds elmar wendenburg.

On wednesday, the mentally active couple will celebrate the rare occasion of their gracious wedding anniversary in their house on the stephansberg – together with their daughters sylvia and isolde, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. One or two guests of honor will drop by. Andreas stark, the head burgermeister, has also confirmed his attendance. It was important for the couple to celebrate the day of the catholic-church wedding: on 29. July 1950 they were married in the knight’s chapel at habfurt. They had gone to the registry office a day earlier.

Dancing close to each other

Elmar wendenburg, a native of habfurt, and the refugee girl dorothea nafe from wroclaw met on club bales. Dancing and chatting brought them closer together. The common future was sealed and also received the necessary rustzeug by the former breslau company of the parents-in-law of elmar wendenburg in habfurt again founded. "Iron merchant" this is simply the name of his profession, in which he moved the business to bamberg in 1953 and, in his own words, made it one of the leading specialist shops in northern bavaria.


Travel industry buries spain downgrade

Travel industry buries spain downgrade

That spain is no longer classified as a high-risk area in germany is seen by the german travel association (DRV) as "good news, especially for families with children under 12".

Especially this young target group could not be vaccinated and therefore had no chance to avoid the quarantine, the DRV said on request. "The lifting of the classification is a clear facilitation for the travel of families ? Not only for the summer vacations, which end in mid september at the latest, but also for the upcoming autumn holidays."

Germany’s largest travel group tui expects demand for bookings to pick up after the decision, especially from families. "This now gives another push for families in particular, who no longer have to put their children in quarantines," tui spokesman aage dunhaupt said on friday. This would also provide more planning security for the autumn vacations, for example for popular travel destinations such as majorca.


Maria rumpel from obernbreit celebrates her 90th birthday. Birthday

Maria rumpel from obernbreit celebrates her 90th birthday. Birthday

Maria "marianne rumpel from obernbreit celebrated her 90th birthday on monday. Birthday. She received her guests, among them mayor bernhard bruckner, but only one day later, on new year’s eve, as she had to leave on the actual "jubilee day" was on the way. In the allgau, as she reported, because travel is one of her passions, not as far as it once was, where it went to america, but on the road she still likes to be.

She was born on 30. December 1929 in obernbreit as maria anna stolz, from her two first names comes the nickname marianne by which she is known in the town. After seven years of elementary school and the compulsory year in obernbreit, she began an apprenticeship as a saleswoman in the food and delicatessen store deuerling.

In 1952, she married the butcher jakob rumpel, with whom she moved to frankfurt at the beginning of the 1950s and in 1958 to her own terraced house near offenbach. In 1983 her husband died and after she had never let her connections to obernbreit wear off, she moved back to her hometown, where she built her own house in 1970.


Grune and fdp expect clear words from merkel on hong kong

Grune and fdp expect clear words from merkel on hong Kong

FDP and grune have called on chancellor angela merkel to take a clear stance on the unrest in hong kong during her visit to china.

The grunen-politician jurgen trittin declared on thursday: "as a major european trading partner, germany must … Also throwing his weight around on political issues."The chancellor must make it "unmistakably clear that, with regard to hong kong, compliance with the principle of ‘one country, two systems’" for germany and all of europe is non-negotiable". FDP politician alexander graf lambsdorff told dpa that merkel must "press hard" for compliance with the treaty’s civic rights for hong kong.

The chancellor is expected to hold talks with chinese premier li keqiang in beijing this friday and with state president xi jinping in the evening. Overshadowing this 13. Visit is overshadowed by the trade dispute between china and the U.S., the unrest in hong kong and the conflict with the uyghurs.


Multivision lecture: with child, cones and 1,26 km/h

multivision lecture: with child, cones and 1,26 km/h

It will be a somewhat different travelogue: andre schumacher comes on sunday, 26. January, at 5pm with the multivision "wild europe, 3517 kilometers with child and cone" to the old synagogue in kitzingen.

Question: where does your restlessness come from??

Andre schumacher: maybe it’s because I’m an east german. When the wall came down, I was 15 years old. My best friend from school and I wanted to get out and explore the world right away. The next summer we set off and cycled through scandinavia for six weeks. Just into the blue. That was a trip that shaped our lives – we got a taste of the wide world.


Car got on the wrong lane

The cause of the traffic accident is not yet known, according to the coburg traffic police department. On thursday around 7.25 o’clock came a 57-year-old with his BMW on the bundesstrabe 289 in the direction of A 73 into oncoming traffic and collided there with an oncoming fiat. As a result of the collision, the fiat skidded across the road and came to rest in the opposite lane to the direction of travel. The front left wheel of the BMW was torn off in the impact. The BMW touched the crash barrier several times and came to a stop about 500 meters after the collision on the right side of the road.

Several other road users had to avoid the driver who caused the accident in order to avoid being involved in the accident themselves. The damage to property amounted to an estimated 50,000 euros. The two people involved in the accident were only slightly injured and were taken to the lichtenfels hospital by the emergency medical services. The B 289 had to be completely closed for a time between grobheirath and the junction to the A 73 for the accident investigation.