Cheap car loan – car financing for new and used cars

Cheap car loan

You are looking for a cheap car loan to finance a new or used car ? Then you are exactly at the right address. If you are planning to buy a car, but the money for a down payment should not be available, a cheap car loan offers itself as an alternative. Many banks currently offer a car loan at particularly favorable conditions. Take advantage of the current low-interest phase for a favorable car financing. Below we have compiled an overview of the currently lowest interest car loans for you:

Tip: you can use the car loan not only to buy a new car, but also to finance a used car.

Higher rates on car financing without a down payment

In the case of car financing without a down payment, the entire financing sum, i.E. The purchase price of the car plus the interest and fees incurred for the car loan, is divided among the monthly installments. This inevitably means that with car financing without a down payment, the monthly installments to be paid are somewhat higher than with car financing with a down payment. Before buying a car, therefore, you should definitely check carefully whether the monthly income available is enough to cover the monthly installments. After all, the planned purchase of a new or used car should not lead to financial bottlenecks.

Cheap car loan through credit comparison

A cheap car loan can help you realize the purchase of a new or used car. In order to keep the financial burden as low as possible, you should carry out a credit comparison beforehand in any case. With our comparison calculator, you can specify how high the loan amount should be and how long the loan should run for. The comparison calculator then shows you, for one, at which banks the interest rates are currently cheapest. In addition, you can also see directly in the loan comparison, how high the monthly installment, which you have to repay, would be.

Financing alternatives compare exactly

Don't take out the car loan hastily, however. It is advisable to calculate several financing alternatives before signing the contract, and to compare exactly how high the financing costs will be in each case. For car financing, in addition to the classic car loan, you can also choose from several other alternatives for financing the purchase of a car. Starting with dealer financing and ending with three-way financing or balloon financing. In addition, there is also the option of leasing a car. Each of the above alternatives for car financing offers different advantages and disadvantages. Leasing's tax benefits are of particular interest to tradespeople. So a cheap car loan is not necessarily always the best solution for buying a new or used car.

Watch out for hidden costs in car financing!

At least as important as the choice of the right new or used car is the choice of suitable car financing. Therefore, you should carefully compare the different alternatives for car financing. It is particularly important to pay attention not only to the amount of interest incurred, but also to other, often hidden costs. The following costs can be incurred when financing a car:

If you're not careful, these fees could make car financing much more expensive. When comparing several financing alternatives, it is therefore all the more important to always include not only the interest rates but also the other cost factors in the calculation. This is the only way you can be sure that you will not get a nasty surprise in the end when it comes to the cost of financing your car.