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The best credit offers in austria in the credit comparison 2020 on credit.Or.At with one another compare and an overview of the most favorable credit interest receive. The comparison is simple and intuitive to manage in the desired amount, the desired term and the purpose entered or. Is set and so a ranking of the various credit institutions happens.

The most favorable online loan interest rates of the listed banks in the free loan comparison you learn with just a few inputs and get a good overview of the current terms and conditions of credit offers in austria. The special advantage for you is that you can do this anonymously and without obligation, because you take no risk when you enter the desired loan amount and term in the loan calculator. If you like a loan offer of a bank, you can contact the bank or immediately apply online for the loan and a few days later, if the loan is approved, you will receive the loan amount paid into your specified current account.

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Data protection and security on credit.Or.At

You will find a lot of information on this website and you can use the credit calculator for free. With all comparison calculators, you will never be asked for personal data. Likewise, no data about you will be stored.

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When you use the loan calculator, only data such as the desired loan amount and the term are requested, which are necessary for the calculation. If you leave a comment at the bottom of a page, you can put any information there z. B. Under a pseudonym or your initial letters.

When you leave this website, it may very well be that personal data must be provided on third-party websites. Make sure that the website is trustworthy and encrypted to ensure the highest security standards.

Over-indebtedness: watch out for loans!

It is so easy there to get a credit, there also still and here also still. Especially when it comes to consumer loans, there is nothing of value in the background of the loan, but only a good that is consumed. Quickly one loses the overview of the outstanding debts and by the interest the financial air becomes ever thinner. In 2018, the debtor counseling centers in austria have more than 62.000 people advised, and there was a lot to do for the ca. 120 employees at debt counseling throughout austria!

Therefore, you should definitely make sure that you do not even get into this situation, because debts embarrass, debts make you sick. This is the current state of knowledge of science and therefore it is important to do everything possible not to fall into the over-indebtedness trap and if this happens, so absolutely in time to turn to the experts of debt counseling, which can be found throughout austria.

Compound interest and debt collection costs are debt drivers!

Debt counselors report that high interest on overdrafts or loans are drivers of debt. In addition then also the reminder and collection costs are added. A real example is reported from carinthia. The debtor had 6.900 euros of debt and 13 years later it was 272.000 euros of debt!

This mountain of debt consisted of 90% interest alone!

What to look for when comparing loans?

If you are looking for and researching cheap loans, you should pay special attention to the variables term of the loan, the loan interest rates and your credit rating.

Term of the loan
the credit agreement is determined by the term of the loan. The simple rule of thumb is that the longer the loan, the higher the total interest rate, but the loan customer has the opportunity to repay the loan over a longer period of time and the burden of the loan is not too high for the borrower. The term of a loan depends, of course, also on the purpose of use. Consumer loans have terms of 1 to 5 years, while loans in the field of real estate can have terms of 10 years to 30 years. Banks and also you as a private person should absolutely pay attention to the fact that the end of the credit term ends in the working life, because with the pension there is usually a larger cut in the disposable household income and credit installments you can then no longer afford.

Loan interest: nominal and effective
if loans are compared with each other, make sure that they compare the effective loan rates with each other. The nominal loan interest rate is the interest rate with which the banks advertise their loans. In addition come however still further costs, because some bank charges a handling charge or requires a death insurance absolutely in addition, then these costs are likewise included and so over the entire running time of the credit a new interest rate comes out. Here is then spoken of "effective interest". These express the actual burden for the borrower. This interest rate is expressed in percent p.A. Given and is excellent for comparing the different credit offers of the banks, because here actually the possibility is given to compare apples with apples.

Creditworthiness: present yourself well!
Who is looking for a loan resp. Needed, who should be concerned about his creditworthiness. The point here is not that you provide false information (which, by the way, is forbidden), but you should make sure that the various credit reports, such as KSV 1870 and other agencies, store correct and up-to-date data about you. Likewise, you should provide true information about your assets as well as income, so that the bank is easier in assessing your creditworthiness. The better the credit rating, the lower the loan interest rates when you take out a creditworthy loan. At the same time, it may be that the bank will not give you a loan at all if it believes that you do not have sufficient creditworthiness. Therefore, make sure that you give truthful information about your assets and income and that the various credit reports have not stored false data about you.


Complicated or not… An anonymous credit comparison on the internet is rarely a mistake. Get initial information on the credit calculators and comparisons and make the right decision for you with this and other information, because a loan has a lasting impact on your life!

How do the loan calculators on this website work?

These calculators are offered without any further guarantee together with the german company financeads, which is responsible for the calculation and presentation of the credit comparisons. The presentation of the result of the loan comparison is based on your information, but does not take into account your personal creditworthiness, which can play a very important role in the case of creditworthiness-dependent loans, because banks let the personal creditworthiness flow into the calculation of the loan interest rate in these loans. Therefore, when you make a calculation, keep in mind that when you calculate your personal loan offer, the interest rate can still move up but also down. The loan calculator therefore offers you an initial indication of which provider has attractive offers for the desired term and the specified loan amount.

Transparency is important: in the loan calculator you will find a wide variety of banks and some banks give a tipster commission if you then actually apply for a loan through this website or. This is paid out by the bank. But don't worry, this tipster commission does not affect the order of the results. The results of the credit comparison are ranked according to the amount of interest based on your entered term and the desired amount of credit.