Credit for tattoo

Body decoration in the form of tattoos has been cult for years. In the past, the colorful images on the skin were more common among former prisoners or sailors, but today they are an expression of personality and are worn from the worker to the banker or company owner. But such an individual look costs a lot of money several hundred euros must be budgeted for a properly stitched tattoo.

If the body jewelry is to be applied over a large area, it could cost several thousand euros. A lot of money, which especially the young generation, who like to decorate themselves with such images, in many cases can not raise at all. A loan for a tattoo can help on the way to own tattoo.

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Credit despite overdraft

Which type of loan is recommended?

Since a tattoo is not a consumer product in the classical sense, a consumer credit in the context of a credit for a tattoo is not the right choice. This can be used to finance the television, the new cell phone and also the current wardrobe for the season. But colorful pictures on the skin unfortunately not.

We therefore recommend the use of an installment loan. This has the advantage that it is not earmarked for a specific purpose and the bank is therefore not entitled to ask what the money is being used for. Many banks and savings banks would otherwise probably decline with thanks if they learned that a loan was being sought for a tattoo. Because a tattoo does not bring any security that could be claimed in case of non-payment of the loan debt.

However, in the case of a simple installment loan, it is not necessary to disclose what the money from the loan will be used for. Furthermore, you can customize the amount of the loan and adjust it to your project so that it can be paid in full by the loan for a tattoo.

What are the conditions?

Installment loans are currently available at very favorable rates. With a good credit rating, they are offered to them already from an effective interest rate of less than 3 percent. However, these are not fixed offers. The interest rate is not only based on the creditworthiness, but also on the amount of the loan and the duration of the loan. The smaller the loan amount and the shorter the term, the lower the interest rate.

So get some quotes in advance that you can easily compare with each other. Use a comparative calculator, which you can find here on the internet. It shows you all the worthwhile offers and spreads them out for you in such a way that you can immediately see what conditions are hidden behind them. In most cases, the offers come from banks that you can reach easily via the internet. This allows them to apply online for a tattoo loan from the comfort of their home sofa.

What conditions must be met?

In order for you to be granted credit for a tattoo, it is important that you have a good credit rating. This is the case if you have a regular job with a fixed income and also have no negative entries in schufa, which can result, among other things, from the fact that you do not meet your payment obligations on time.

If you have a good credit rating, you should consider whether you need a guarantor or second borrower depending on the loan amount. Such a person would not only improve their credit rating, but also reduce the risk of default. If you opt for a manageable loan amount, you won't need residual debt insurance. Even if the bank should take you up on it. Only in the case of large loan sums and long terms does such insurance make sense.