Ebern’s indoor swimming pool in dry cloths?

Ebern's indoor swimming pool in dry cloths?

Four partners have a say, the building site is causing problems and the technology needs more space than expected. Planning for the new indoor swimming pool in ebern was a difficult birth. But now it seems to be completed.
Yesterday, architect johann gruber presented the latest planning status to the district building committee. According to this, the location on coburger strabe is now fixed, the football field must be moved slightly. A 25-meter pool with five lanes is planned, as well as a toddlers' pool with a lounge area for the parents.

Usable space compressed
All in all, the bath is "very compressed", especially as far as the necessary usable space is concerned, according to gruber. Fortunately, the government did not insist on separate changing areas for schools and the public. However, in their first draft, the planners had underestimated the space required for the technical equipment. The building's design is also limited to its function, with a simple glass and sheet metal facade that also serves as a sunshade.
The roof will be slightly sloped, explained the planner in response to a question from walter ziegler, who had feared a flat roof. The basin is made of stainless steel, underneath there is a concrete bowl.
The concept was meanwhile coordinated with the government of lower franconia and is, as it was shown yesterday, demandable.
However, the costs increased compared to the design planning. The reasons for this were, among other things, the additional space for the technical equipment (200 square meters), the poor building ground, which makes 75 piles necessary, and the construction cost index, which brings constantly rising prices. Architect gruber explained that building prices had risen by a whopping 20 percent since 2006.
Since the pool is to be used for both school and public purposes, the district (property owners for the grammar school and secondary school) and the town of ebern (public and club use) are also involved, as are the primary and secondary school associations.
Gruber explained that a lot of thought had gone into the fair distribution of the construction costs. In the end, a ratio of 75 percent school use to 15 percent after-school use was reached.

Construction costs 6.5 million euros
With the total costs now estimated at around 6.5 million euros and a subsidy of 1.79 million euros, there is a county share of 2.6 million euros for use by the grammar school and secondary school, and a sum of 2.05 million euros to be paid by the town ebern and the two school associations must bear the cost. The building committee took note of this with approval.
The allocation of operating costs will be discussed in november. It must be clear, according to the first considerations, that the hourly rate must be set differently, depending on whether the school sponsor has participated in the construction, or not.

Emporter county council
"Mr. Landrat, do you still have the power to act??" This was the question posed by district councilor emil daschner (SPD) to the district administrator at the beginning of yesterday's meeting of the district council building committee in habfurt at the district administration office.
Shortly before the start of the mayor's excursion, the last one with rudolf handwerker, daschner (ebelsbach) harshly criticized both the district administrator and ebern's mayor robert hermann (both CSU). It was about the information policy on the planned indoor swimming pool construction in ebern. The district council and the building committee respectively had decided on 22. Marz decided to commission the planning for the swimming pool. Since then, he said, there have been at least nine meetings in ebern at which hermann, often accompanied by architect johann gruber, has provided information about the status of the plans.
Daschner denied that one could read about this and also about the district administrator's promises in the newspaper, without there having been any decisions on the part of the relevant district committees.
In not a single meeting of the building committee, county council or county commission since march has the issue been discussed again with county council members, he said. Until yesterday. "That is not possible, that is a disregard", raged daschner. This contradicts democracy and collegial cooperation in the circle.

Four sides are involved
The district administrator countered that it was not easy to coordinate such a project between a total of four partners. Since ebern has to bear the costs for the additional land outside the school, there must also be intensive discussions about the design of this public part.
"I very much regret the impression created", explained rudolf handwerker "but i am glad that we have reached the stage we can present to you today".