Federal funding for efficient buildings individual measures: amount of subsidy, application

With the federal promotion for efficient buildings single measures reorganizations are promoted, which result in an energetic improvement. Read more about the requirements and the amount of the subsidy here.

The program has been approved by kfw as of 28.07.2022 have been set. For this reason the page will not be updated anymore.

The most important facts in brief

  • Funding for BEG individual measures is possible by means of a grant of.
  • The grant is applied for at the BAFA.
  • Funding is available for measures on the building envelope, in the area of systems engineering, heat generation systems and heating optimization.
  • The highest possible subsidy rate is 40 % of the eligible costs.
  • The technical planning and construction supervision can be subsidized with up to 50%.
  • The minimum investment volume is 2.000 €, in the area of heating optimization 300 €.
  • A maximum of 60.000 € per dwelling unit for residential buildings.

What is the federal subsidy for efficient buildings individual measures?

The BEG individual measures is a sub-program of the federal support for efficient buildings (BEG). The subsidy option has been available since 1. January 2021 to apply to the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA). The following individual measures are subsidized:

  • Individual measures on the building envelope
  • Systems engineering
  • Systems for heat generation (heating technology)
  • Heating optimization
  • Expert planning and construction supervision

With the federal subsidy for efficient buildings individual measures, the federal government is pursuing the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in buildings. In addition, the share of renewable energies and energy efficiency in buildings is to be increased overall.

New construction subsidies: since 21.04.2022 funding for new buildings is only possible according to the energy efficiency house standard 40 sustainability class.

BEG funding at kfw:: the german federal ministry for economic affairs and climate protection (BMWK) has launched the 28.07.2022 adjusted.

  • The loan subsidy for individual measures (kfw 262) via the kfw has been discontinued.
    BUT: the grant funding of individual measures at the BAFA remains in place.
  • BEG wohngebaude – zuschuss effizienzhaus" (kfw 461) has also been discontinued.
  • In addition, the subsidy for renovation to efficiency house level 100 / efficiency building level 100 is no longer applicable.
  • The bonus within the framework of an individual renovation roadmap (isfp bonus) is cancelled for individual measures for systems for heat generation.
  • The subsidy for the individual renovation plan (isfp bonus) also no longer applies to the kfw program 261 residential building loan.
  • The subsidy for gas-fired systems and the associated surrounding measures has been discontinued.
  • For renovation, new construction and purchase, maximum loan amounts and repayment subsidies have been adjusted (kfw 261).
  • Do you have until the end of the 27.07.2022 submitted an application? Then you are not affected by the changes.