Fraport tests robot shuttles at frankfurt airport

Fraport tests robot shuttles at frankfurt airport

From next week on, two minibuses will be shuttling passengers between terminal 1 and terminal 2, the company announced in frankfurt.

The highly automated vehicles are to be tested for two weeks. First, there will be a 1.5-kilometer test track on the airport’s land; in the end, it will be used on public roads.

Fraport executive board member anke giesen explained that the company expects self-driving vehicles to provide better and more flexible planning. The trial on the fraport land was a test of whether and how the technology could one day be used at the airport. In addition, there is a shortage of bus drivers.

According to the company, around 2600 vehicles pass through gate 3 of the airport every day, where the self-driving shuttles are being tested. In addition, there were internal cars and transports, about 1000 freight tractors.

Project partner R+V, which owns the self-driving shuttles, expects the trial to provide data for new insurance concepts. He also insures cars. Autonomous vehicles are also expected to improve traffic safety, says norbert rollinger, ceo of the company.