Geisfeld in a celebratory mood

Geisfeld in a celebratory mood

It was the last day of midsummer, with a brilliant blue sky and high temperatures, when the people of geisfeld collected their church consecration tree from the entrance to the village, accompanied by the marching music of the geisfeld musicians, and set it up in the square opposite the church. Under the expert direction of wolfgang linsner, the mannerists skilfully hoisted the 28 meter long spruce from the mosten part of the forest into the air and received powerful applause from the many spectators for their work.

Then everyone moved to the old dorfstrabe, where the cultural village community of geisfeld (KDG) under its chairwoman nicole dusel and the DJK sports club under its chairwoman doris pflaum organized the kirchweih with tents, booths, in garages and outdoors. Since both geisfeld economies were not available, the villagers, under the direction of their two leaders, went to the matter themselves, love the differences because of the bypass road not even suggestive come up, proclaimed as at the olympic games in ancient greece truce and had success with it.

The kirchweih, which had been moved to the old village street for the first time, was also optimally presented here, because there was a really good atmosphere, which increased even more when mayor wolfgang desel (CSU) tapped the first barrel without a splash. Conductor konrad kalb and his musicians played the funny old kerwas songs and from everywhere the cheers for geisfeld and its kerwa resounded.

Special anniversary

Manfred kestler, geisfeld’s original stone and bearer of the golden ring of honor of the municipality of strullendorf, then buried the guests from near and far and thanked all the helpers. "We do have a festival site at the sports center, but the kirchweih belongs to the village", he defended the decision of the city council to close this street to traffic. The high point of the festival, however, was the festive service and the procession through the town with professor peter wunsche, he continued.

"But this year we have another special anniversary", he explained "because the grauberger family of exhibitors from siegelsdorf near furth is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The first time with us in geisfeld." Kestler explained that in 1949 andreas and his wife maria built up their former stand in litzendorfer strabe. His son heinz and his wife hilde also came to the village every year for the festival. This tradition has been continued by the next generation with armin and regina, who are already supported by their children monique and david. There is also still widow hilde, the geisfelders have taken to heart and vice versa. Kestler and mayor desel therefore presented a certificate and gifts to the graubergers as a small token of appreciation for their long loyalty. But the showmen didn’t let themselves down and, to everyone’s delight and amazement, handed over 500 euros in cash to kindergarten director sylvia einwich.

But then it was time to serve the customers at the carousel, the boat swing or the stand with the almonds and the gingerbread hearts, who were already waiting there patiently.

Memories of the past

Hilde grauberger said in between: "the first booth was more like a board shack, but that’s the way it was back then." Her son armin remembers: "I was always ‘made ready for bed’ by marie karmann. It’s nice to chat with your children today on the bankla."

But everyone looks forward to the good cake made by kestler’s wife erika every year.

Three brewmasters also thought the geisfeld church fair was great. They had met during their training and had come to geisfeld just in time to set up the church consecration tree during their hike along the 13 brewery trail through french tuscany. Unsuspecting and unknowing, they also participated in the cock-flipping and marcel tolgauer from berlin was already the third participant to hit the flowerpot. His friends manuel kleifges from bitburg and jorn petersen from erding cheered with joy with him and commented the kirchweih like this: "beer is and remains sociable."