“Holzfaller” secure the tournament victory

Pfarrweisach – subtropical temperatures prevailed at last year’s TSV pfarrweisach volleyball tournament, but this year it was a completely different story. So the organizer decided at short notice, due to the unstable weather, to move the tournament to the gymnasium to avoid injuries on the slippery track. In the end, this was the right decision, especially since light rain showers started again and again in the afternoon.
Six hobby teams, mostly from the pfarrweisach and ebern areas, had gathered to determine the tournament winner. Including "jader bull", a team of the girls of the country youth salmsdorf. The mode provided that in each team at least two ladies had to stand. It was everyone against everyone with a total of 15 games, two sets of ten minutes each.
Good five hours flew the balls, where the fun of this sport and the good mood had been paramount. But a certain ambition was not to be overlooked, which could be observed again and again during the ball exchanges.
Hilmar prinzbach and his hard-working helpers from the volleyball team provided exemplary tournament management, joining forces to "redirect" the tournament from the lawn to the sports hall without any problems.
Prinzbach also performed the award ceremony in the evening, where all teams received certificates and a bottle of sparkling wine, and the podium winners were treated to a hearty snack and a crate of beer.
The final ranking: 1. "The "lumberjacks 16 points, 2. "Larrys" 12, 3. "Hauptsach’ druber" 12, 4. "Ganseblumchen" 10, 5. "Hardwood" (last year’s winner) 8, 6. "Jader bull" 2.