Installment loan comparison: find installment loans with the best conditions

With our interactive installment loan comparison you can find a suitable installment loan with the best conditions in a few moments!

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How does the installment loan comparison?

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can also find the installment loan that best suits you and your needs. In our installment loan comparison there are the following parameters:

1. Net loan amount

Net loan amount is the amount you get paid by the bank. In this step, enter the exact amount that you need from your bank as an installment loan.

This amount is not to be confused with the gross loan, which is the total amount of your installment loan. So this is the total amount you have to pay back to the bank in total. Here are the ancillary costs and interest of the installment loan included.

2. Credit term

The bank sets the interest rate depending on the loan term. In your installment loan comparison, you can choose a period of one, two, three or six months and between one and 10 years

3. Intended use

An installment loan is either a restricted or a nonrestricted loan. The earmarked loan can only be used for a specific purpose (z.B. Car purchase). The uncommitted credit can be used again for your free financing wish.

In the installment loan comparison you have the choice between:

  • Free use
  • New car / used car
  • Furniture
  • Modernization / renovation
  • Loan redemption
  • Vacation
  • PC / multimedia
  • Balance current account

If you want to use your installment loan for a new or used car, a comparison with our special car loan comparison can make sense for you.

4. Compare installment loans

Then click on "compare installment loans" and we will show you the best matches according to your individual specifications.

Installment loan comparison: what can I take from the table?

After you have entered your individual data, you can take from the table the recommendations for your needs. We explain to you what exactly is displayed.


Here you see with name and logo, which provider it is in this line, so for example verivox, 1822direkt or targobank. So you can quickly recognize, select or deliberately skip providers you already know.


Under the name of the provider you will find a rating in each case. With this star rating, up to five stars can be achieved. It is composed of transparency, service, recommendation and experience of other customers and online banking.

In addition, you can see at a glance by the number next to the stars how many customers have already shared their experience with the provider.

Installment loan comparison star rating

Debit interest bound

The debit interest rate is agreed before the conclusion of the installment loan for the entire period of the term. At the same time, this means that this fixed interest rate cannot change during the agreed term, regardless of the interest rate situation. This creates planning security for you and the bank.

The debit interest is the interest without fees, taxes or incidental costs.

Effective annual interest rate

The APR describes the interest rate including all additional costs. Simply put, the APR shows you the actual cost of borrowing per year.

For the APR as well as the borrowing rate, you will find a range of interest rates in your installment loan comparison. Which interest rates actually apply to you can only be calculated after entering your individual factors. Your creditworthiness is one of these factors.

Monthly rate

Your monthly installment will be calculated based on the net loan amount and the loan term. Of course, the final rate depends on how high your borrowing rate and your APR are.

Example: for a net loan amount of 10.000 euros, a credit period of 60 months, a debit interest rate of 1.57 percent and an effective annual interest rate of 1.58 percent, the monthly installment is 173.36 euros.

Installment Loan Comparison Monthly Rate

Test seal

If you see a small picture next to the monthly rate, you can hover over it to see a test seal, for example from focus money or die welt. This gives you a better impression of the provider and whether it is really recommendable.

Installment loan comparison: how to find a provider

A provider has aroused your interest and you now want to see for yourself? Then you can go directly to your desired installment loan by clicking on the button "to the provider" and register there.

Installment loan comparison: what makes a good installment loan?

This comparison compares the individual providers on the basis of cost. Depending on the details of your loan amount and the term, you will be shown the providers according to the amount of the interest rate. Here we would like to give you some additional tips, which are important for the selection of the right noun groups.

The right purpose

The purpose is not without reason an input field in our installment loan comparison. Because also this information can have influence on the conditions of the offerers. As already mentioned, the loan is then earmarked for a specific purpose. However, some providers offer more favorable interest rates in return.

💡 note

If you need a loan without earmarking, an auxmoney loan could also be an option for you. In our article you will learn everything you need to know about it.

The right credit period

Here you should consider how much you can pay off monthly, in order to be ready as quickly as possible on the one hand and to keep the interest as low as possible on the other hand. On the other hand, you should not overextend yourself, otherwise you run the risk of not being able to pay the installments in case of an emergency.

Effective annual interest rate

The APR is, as already explained, the annual interest rate including all additional costs such as taxes or fees. This interest rate is therefore best suited to compare individual banks and their conditions with each other.

In our comparison, banks are sorted by the amount of APR, from cheap to expensive. So you can see at a glance the most favorable offers at the top of the table.

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