Investments in times of low interest: why a real estate represents a safe investment


When people have too much money on the side, they usually think about how to invest it.

Invest the money in shares? Or rather invest in concrete gold and buy a property?

In times of low interest rates, it is obvious that people would like to own their own home and thus be able to give their children a piece of their future.

One is therefore considering a real estate investment. In comparison, you have always had an advantage with an investment in a property.

However, there's no need to overuse the low interest rates either.

Why real estate is a safe investment nowadays

It's clear that you can't get much with interest on your daily allowance account these days.

At the same time, loans are now lower than ever before. Thus, of course, there are also opportunities to invest in a high-yield property. A very good example is real estate.

In fact, it seems that the conditions for the purchase of a property are more favorable than ever before.

Of course, you have to be a little careful here. A property is not something you should just buy on the spur of the moment. In fact, you should carefully calculate the expenses and investment.

The real estate as a high-yield object

Provided that one already has a single-family dwelling and finances this, it is nevertheless no yield object.

After all, it does not bring money. One only saves on rent.

So all you have to do is pay off the loan and then benefit from rent-free living in your old age.

However, insofar as one wishes to invest one's money profitably in real estate and also earn money from real estate, one must either sell the purchased property or rent it out properly.

Selling the property at a premium only makes sense if the renovation is less than the difference between the purchase and resale price.

When it comes to renting, unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated. Here you have to make correct calculations. Most of the time, you also need an expert for this purpose.

yield real estate investment

Multifamily housing often more profitable

Not all real estate is suitable as an investment.

Particularly single-family houses and individual owner-occupied dwellings are too often wrongly calculated. They don't deliver the profit you want.

In reality, it even often comes to losses. This shows that many investors do not calculate the whole project properly.

In contrast, apartment buildings and multifamily properties are better investments. Although the investment is higher here, it is easier and faster to compensate for tenant changes and payment defaults.

Only the best partners for the own real estate

Therefore, this also means that you should not borrow too much to finance the property. It is an important part of planning.

However, in addition to the financing, the house building itself also comes into play. In this context, many investors also have their own ideas that they want to implement.

Above all, they want a reliable partner and supplier for their components, which are built into the property. Wavin has risen in this context in recent years to a term that can provide security and reliability in the new property.

The company is a leading supplier of pipe systems in germany. Installation in particular has not traditionally been a high priority in german homes and property buyers have not placed much emphasis on it in the past.

A partner on which one can build

However, this has changed a lot in recent years.

Today, a great emphasis is placed on this and one can also combine other strengths with the property with it. In recent years, there has also been an increase in pipe bursts. They were the reason for looking for a traditional company.

The company described was founded in twist in the early 1950s and today employs several hundred people in its production facilities. Today, not only german home builders rely on the company's branded products, but also customers from over twenty countries across europe.

Outside europe, the company uses a global network of sales representatives and license partners. It is always very important to follow a clean measure here.

However, this does not mean a loss of quality in the product to any degree. That remains important.