Multivision lecture: with child, cones and 1,26 km/h

multivision lecture: with child, cones and 1,26 km/h

It will be a somewhat different travelogue: andre schumacher comes on sunday, 26. January, at 5pm with the multivision "wild europe, 3517 kilometers with child and cone" to the old synagogue in kitzingen.

Question: where does your restlessness come from??

Andre schumacher: maybe it’s because I’m an east german. When the wall came down, I was 15 years old. My best friend from school and I wanted to get out and explore the world right away. The next summer we set off and cycled through scandinavia for six weeks. Just into the blue. That was a trip that shaped our lives – we got a taste of the wide world.

Where and when did you discover your passion for travel??

Schumacher: right there: in norway. For me until today one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In the following years we cycled through the country twelve times. During this time we had the idea to cycle from patagonia to alaska. That was in 2003, when I was 28. We traveled for two and a half years. After that the idea came up to make books or slideshows out of the travel adventures. That has then taken on a life of its own. After that we went to antarctica and also around the world in 80 days.

The most beautiful place in the world?

Schumacher: patagonia is the longing destination par excellence, followed by norway and the canary islands, which have become my second home.

How many days a year are you on the road??

Schumacher: on tour i am from january to april, earlier it was even more. In the meantime i have a rough farm in mecklenburg and am a family man, so it has become a bit quieter. I now also organize trips and take people to very special places, one month in spring and one month in autumn. The rough trips for me have become rarer, most recently I cycled with my family for half a year to spain through six european countries.

How many travel passports have you worn out??

Schumacher: i think three. On my journey through the world in 80 days I used up one passport alone.

Why you could never be an employee?

Schumacher: actually i am an architect. But I chose a breadless life as a lecturer. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Are there still countries you haven’t been to??

Schumacher: in total, there were not that many. Just because I travel slowly. Sometimes even bicycle travel is too fast for me, then I go to fub. The last bike trip with our child had an average speed of 1.26 kilometers. It’s on the slow journeys that all the wonders happen. Then you can throw away the travel guides and all the things happen that travel stands for.

How do you finance such a life?

Schumacher: that carries each other. The lectures throw off the money for the next trips. Besides, as I said, I also organize trips, away from the mainstream.

How did the wild europe project come about??

Schumacher: we thought for a long time about how we could move with a small child – that led us to the cargo bike. We put the little one in there. The idea was to combine our new home on the baltic sea with spain, my wife’s homeland. Then we rode without planning on the least possible detours. Maybe it was the best trip ever. Our child was one and a half years old and by the end of the trip he spoke six languages fractionally.

What exactly can the people of kitzingen look forward to??

Schumacher: if other organizers and the press are to be believed: a cool, original, funny and aesthetically pleasing travel show. My presentations are different from other presentations. I would say that you have never seen anything like it.

Where are you right now?

Schumacher: i am packing my tour bus for my tour that will take me through 30 cities by the end of march.

The next project …

Schumacher: … Probably before my haustur: probably I will travel mecklenburg and show the country as no one has seen it yet.