Is real estate worthwhile as a private retirement plan??

Currently, we keep hearing about old age poverty and low pensions. Due to the uncertainty of the situation in retirement age, especially young people need to take precautions in time. Will the payments into the pension fund be enough? Or should you just take the money to the bank?

In addition to a variety of possible hedges, it is also very popular to buy a property in order to be able to live rent-free later in the already paid-off house. But is it really that simple?

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Short-term lack of money: which loan fits best?

In the event of a short-term shortage of money, many bank customers make do with the dispokredit of their respective checking account. However, the often high interest rates on such loans mean that repayment is expensive. Other types of credit, from installment loans to call loans, can help.

High interest rates for overdraft facilities

Many consumers use the dispo credit of their current account in case of a temporary lack of money. Although this is easily available and above all without an additional contract with the bank, it also brings major disadvantages with it.

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Can i pay off student loans with my 529 plan?

Financing your studies – how it works from bafog, student loans to scholarships (october 2022)

Can I pay off student loans with my 529 plan?

A new bill proposing to repay people with their 529 plans student loans is currently working its way through congress. This is good because student loan debt affects an estimated 43 million americans. According to the institute for college access & success, seven out of ten members of the class of 2015 left public and nonprofit colleges with student loans. On average, borrowers owed just over 30.000 $.

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Real estate financing denmark

Financing a property in denmark is cheaper than in any other EU country. This sounds like music to anyone who wants to buy a house in denmark. Two years before the european central bank, the scandinavians introduced negative interest rates in 2012, making home buying affordable for most groups of buyers.

But the supposed land of plenty for real estate buyers only appears to be a paradise at first glance. What are the pitfalls of real estate financing in denmark with regard to credit from denmark for german home buyers, you will learn in the following article.

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Financing a property

What do i have to consider for my property financing?

In germany, the persistently low construction interest rates have caused a construction boom. More and more people are fulfilling their dream of owning their own home and buying not only existing real estate, but also building plots in order to develop them according to their own wishes. When financing an existing property, the financing of the house and the land is usually done with a financing.

Builders, however, have many factors to consider when financing their property. There are various financing options as well as costs to be considered that builders must take into account. We explain everything you need to know about financing your property.

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The most frequently asked questions about loans

Almost every german citizen takes out at least one loan in their lifetime. This happens not only in times of need, but often also when a major purchase is pending that cannot be financed ad hoc. Accordingly, real estate and car loans are particularly common, but consumer loans, for example for a luxury television or a trip, are also not uncommon. Of course, people also turn to credit when they are in serious need, for example, to buy a new washing machine or to replace a faulty heating system. What to consider when looking for a loan?

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The magazine on innovation & finance from austria – brainpower austria

Brainpower austria – innovation and finance in our magazine in austria

Many people in austria find themselves in the position of having to take out a loan at least once in their lives, despite their well-ordered financial circumstances. Whether it's for furnishing a new kitchen, buying an apartment, building a house, or getting an education – sometimes your savings aren't enough. Especially in the case of large credit sums, one enters into a long-term commitment, but this should not deter from the investment.

If you have done enough research and negotiated well, a loan is a fair and legitimate way of financing in austria. And with a debt rescheduling there is also the possibility of benefiting from the currently most favorable conditions despite long terms.

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Credit for tractor

In an agricultural business, hardly anything can be achieved without a tractor. The power packs are all-rounders and help the farmer to do a lot of work. Whether it's field work, transport or loading, it's hard to do without a tractor.

Sooner or later, every farmer must think about the purchase of a tractor. Even if such an all-rounder is already in the fleet, it will have to be replaced at some point with a newer model. But what sounds so simple is quite difficult in reality. There are plenty of tractors available for purchase. If it weren't for the nagging issue of financing, which can be tricky, especially with a tractor. Because such a vehicle is not available for a few hundred or thousand euros. Here you have to dig really deep into your pocket, so a loan for a tractor should be chosen with a lot of consideration.

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