Blow for evonik owners: borsengang falls flat

Blow for evonik owners: borsengang falls flat

This was decided on monday by the board of trustees of the main owner, the RAG foundation (74.99 percent of the shares), in agreement with the minority owner, CVC capital partners. Investors had demanded discounts of 25 percent or more because of the uncertain situation in the euro zone, foundation head wilhelm bonse-geuking told the dpa news agency. "A quarter of the value – that was not in it."

The RAG foundation wants to wait at least a year and a half before making a new start on the borsengang. "Before autumn next year – september, october 2013 – there is no thought of a borsengang," bonse-geuking told the "financial times deutschland" (tuesday edition). The prerequisite, however, is that the confidence of investors in the euro zone has returned.

The evonik owners and the banks had spoken with up to 2,000 investors. In the past week, 60 major investors had been approached in a concentrated effort – but the proceeds had simply not been enough. "It would have been a bargain price, but the price was just too low for us," said bonse-geuking.


Competition for ideas: logo for the “bicycle city of bamberg” wanted

The city of bamberg can already call itself one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in bavaria, based on objective criteria. According to the city hall, 80 percent of the people regularly ride bicycles, 30 percent of the trips are made by bicycle. And yet bamberg is not necessarily considered a "bicycle city". To change this, an "image campaign for cycling" is to be launched help: bamberg is to be consciously perceived as bicycle-friendly, as a municipality with a wide range of bicycles and a high proportion of bicycle traffic, which is to be further expanded.

With the help of the campaign, the building department not only intends to create a positive sense of community in the city society with regard to the successes achieved. To increase the use of bicycles in everyday and leisure traffic, and at the same time to demand mutual understanding between road users are additional objectives. One key: the development of a separate brand "bicycle city of bamberg".

The new word-picture brand "bicycling city of bamberg – consisting of a logo and a slogan – should represent as an essential element a broad image campaign and public relations work and provide for a visible and comprehensible presentation inwardly and outwardly – with a high recognition value as well as modern and clearly structured. In addition, according to the announcement, as many target groups as possible – citizens, young and old, trade and commerce – are to be addressed.


The help must go on

The help must go on

Bernhard panzer it has been several days since a family of three was deported from chechnya: father, mother and 22-year-old son were sent back to kazakhstan. Uschi schmidt, a refugee counselor from herzogenaurach, is in contact with the family. "Our worst fears have come true", she states resignedly. And he is referring in particular to the young man who is on the wanted list.

She is worried about all three of them, especially her father hassan, who is severely diabetic and has hardly any medication left. But also for the sake of their son shamil, who is threatened with imprisonment or a labor camp there. He has already been deprived of all his money and valuables at the airports in moscow and almaty, as he stated in a voice message.

Money is urgently needed, so the aid group is collecting donations via donation boxes in herzogenaurach businesses and is also asking for specific transfers to the donation account. Only money can help the family, says schmidt. Because valuables were probably intercepted, they feared. It doesn’t even help to send batteries for hasan’s hearing aid. "They will be gone", says the woman from herzogenaurach. "This is a corrupt country. There, everyone makes money out of everything they can get."


Mother’s day visit to the old people’s home: what are the rules in the kitzingen district??

mother's day visit to the old people's home: what are the rules in the kitzingen district??

For weeks there was a ban on visitors in the nursing homes. Just in time for mother’s day, the rules have now been relaxed : one fixed, registered person per resident is allowed to visit the facilities again as of saturday. But to avoid an anstrum on mother’s day, there are even more special rules in the old people’s homes in the district of kitzingen.

In principle, visitors must call in advance and register as a contact person so that the chain of infection can be traced in case of infection. During the visit, the usual hygiene rules apply, such as face masks and sufficient safety distance.

Visits are possible only outside the living room

To ensure this, they set up a visitors’ tent in the kitzingerland nursing home, which adjoined the winter garden in the cafeteria. "The visiting time is limited to half an hour", says the head of the facility, helmut witt. In this way, the nursing home wants to give all residents the chance to visit.


Two partings in the church

Two partings in the church

The commandment to live like the children of light was the guiding thought at the farewell service of pastor bianca schnupp and religious padagogue johannes beyer.
Both were inaugurated in september of last year, but have already had to leave hochstadt again, according to a press report from the church congregation.
Since pastor fritz schafer can again fill the full position in hochstadt, the half pastor’s position that bianca schnupp had occupied is no longer necessary. She has found a new job at the johannesgemeinde in erlangen, germany. For johannes beyer, the farewell has a happy occasion: he has recently become a father and wants to look after his daughter, which means he is taking parental leave.
In her sermon, pastor schnupp took a closer look at the bible verse ephesians 5:8-9 "live as children of light" and emphasized that even in the face of the horrors of the in the past few weeks, we were able to look to the future with confidence – even in the darkness of grief and despair, we could see the light of hope. Matching the appealing sermon gabriel konjaev played the touching organ work" hamburg’s dance of death by guy bovet.
Following the sermon and the playing of the organ, johannes beyer was relieved of her duties in hochstadt by mrs. Tallon, the school representative in the deanery, and bianca schnupp was relieved of her duties in hochstadt by pastor schafer.


Dyson blast plane for electric car

Dyson blast plane for electric car

Home appliance specialist dyson abandons ambitious plans to enter electric car business.

"Our automotive team has developed a fantastic electric car over the last few years, however, due to the current situation in the automotive sector, we don’t see the possibility of selling the product in a commercially profitable way," dyson explained on thursday. The car project will therefore be discontinued.

Dyson, best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, announced in 2017 that it would develop an electric vehicle and invest around 2.5 billion british pounds (2.8 billion euros) in it. As recently as may, company founder james dyson had said the company was on track for a 2021 market launch and had costs under control.


Travel industry buries spain downgrade

Travel industry buries spain downgrade

That spain is no longer classified as a high-risk area in germany is seen by the german travel association (DRV) as "good news, especially for families with children under 12".

Especially this young target group could not be vaccinated and therefore had no chance to avoid the quarantine, the DRV said on request. "The lifting of the classification is a clear facilitation for the travel of families ? Not only for the summer vacations, which end in mid september at the latest, but also for the upcoming autumn holidays."

Germany’s largest travel group tui expects demand for bookings to pick up after the decision, especially from families. "This now gives another push for families in particular, who no longer have to put their children in quarantines," tui spokesman aage dunhaupt said on friday. This would also provide more planning security for the autumn vacations, for example for popular travel destinations such as majorca.


Tortoises on their way to the zoo clinic in a lego wheelchair

tortoises on their way to the zoo clinic in a lego wheelchair

A badly injured tortoiseshell rides a lego wheelchair through the clinic at the maryland zoo in baltimore after armor surgery. The injured animal was found in a park by a zoo employee in july and brought to the clinic.

After the successful operation two months ago, the zoo team developed the unusual wheelchair together with a lego enthusiast friend of theirs. "The wheels allow the tortoiseshell maximum freedom of movement". The lego is light and changeable. This gives us room for maneuver," zoo director ellen bronson, who is responsible for animal health, told the german press agency.

"The tortoiseshell had a broken abdominal shell. It’s unusual for turtles to be injured only on the underside," bronson said. Since the intervention, the shell has been held together by metal plates, clamps and wires.


Macron invites lebanon’s prime minister hariri to france

Macron invites lebanon's prime minister hariri to france

In the lebanon crisis, france’s president emmanuel macron invited lebanese head of government saad hariri and his family to france.

Macron had previously spoken with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman and hariri, the elysee palace said in a terse statement. Hariri could come to france as early as in the coming days, elysee circles confirmed to the german press agency. Earlier, the AFP news agency had reported that.

Hariri had announced his resignation from saudi arabia earlier this month – with which country he maintains close ties. He hinted at a murder plot by the lebanese shiite militia hezbollah, which is supported by iran and syria. With that, the 47-year-old unleashed speculation that his withdrawal was forced by riyadh to create tension with hezbollah.


Senior citizen drives into crowd in essen: eleven injured

Senior citizen drives into crowd in Essen: eleven injured

Dramatic scenes at a streetcar stop in essen: an 81-year-old woman drove her car into a crowd of people there on saturday. Twelve people were injured, three of them with life-threatening injuries, a police spokesman said.

It was initially unclear how the incident could have happened. According to initial findings, the police assume that it was an accident.

The victims rose against 17.15 o’clock just at the stop gervinusstrabe from the streetcar or on, when the silver-colored car drove apparently unbraked into the crowd. Eleven people were injured and hospitalized, including the 81-year-old woman and her passenger, also an elderly man.