Pawnshop bochum: fast money procurement by credit without schufa in the pawnshop bochum

Picture of the old town in Bochum: If you need fast money, you have the possibility in a pawnshop Bochum to take out a loan without SCHUFA!

Your washing machine is broken and you urgently need money for a new one? Or the main inspection is pending, which is why you need a SCHUFA-free loan for the repairs to your car? Or would you like to get a new flat-screen TV, but do not have enough money in your checking account at the moment??

In these and similar cases, it can make perfect sense to simply go to a pawn shop in bochum to apply for a pawn loan – without SCHUFA and without supporting documents. Just bring one of your valuables there and you have a chance to get fast cash!

Taking out a fair pawn loan and pawnbroking in bochum

According to § 1204 of the german civil code (BGB), pawnbroking is defined and permitted in germany – and thus of course also in bochum. Other countries do not allow private individuals to open a pawnshop. However, if you want to practice the profession of a pawnbroker in germany, you first need a license according to § 34 gewerbeordnung, which is not easy to obtain.

The responsible regulatory authorities want to ensure that only suitable people are allowed to issue pawn loans in their communities. Thus, anyone who wants to open a loan house in bochum or elsewhere needs a special insurance policy. In addition, he has to prove collateral, so that the granting of pawn loans is once again additionally secured.

Pawnbrokers must also comply with all regulations in the pawnbrokers ordinance (pfandlv). One of them states, for example, that the monthly interest must not exceed 1% of the loan amount. And there are also legal regulations for deposit fees to protect german consumers.

If a pawnbroker does not comply with the many regulations related to the practice of his profession, he risks to lose his license. So as you can easily see, consumer protection is writ large when it comes to pawnbroking in germany!

Which objects are suitable as pawn?

You are just wondering which valuables you can generally pawn at a pawn shop bochum? In principle, most pawnshops accept all movable items of value. However, it is advisable to call the relevant pawnshop in bochum in advance to ensure that the item in question is actually accepted.

Very common pawned items are, for example, exclusive watches, exquisite antiques, fine furniture, electronic devices such as televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones or game consoles, pieces of jewelry, silver coins, bars, porcelain goods and much more. The loan-to-value ratio here is usually 50% of the actual value.

In motor vehicle resp. Car pawnshops you also have the opportunity to give a vehicle in pawn. If you lend your car, for example, up to 80% of the market value is often possible as a loan amount. Keep in mind with the "car pawn", however, that in addition to the interest and pawn fees, there are also additional standing fees to pay. After all, your vehicle wants to be kept safe and well insured during the loan period!

What happens if you can not repay the pawnshop bochum the debt amount?

If at the due date of repayment of your pawn loan you are unable to pay your debt to the appropriate pawn shop bochum, the pawnbroker has the right to sell your pawned item at auction. This is usually done in a public auction, which is carried out by a sworn auctioneer.

If a bidder bids more at the auction than the pawnbroker paid out to the borrower as a loan amount, the borrower is entitled to this excess amount. The pawnbroker is NOT allowed to keep the difference in value! Only if the borrower does not collect the surplus from the corresponding pawnshop in bochum within a set period of time, it has to be handed over to the responsible authorities!

Our conclusion about the loan without SCHUFA taken out in the pawnshop bochum

The editorship of KREDIT 123 finds that a credit taken up in the pawnshop bochum without SCHUFA can be quite a good option of the fast and uncomplicated money procurement. Especially if you can pay back the loan amount within a few weeks / months, there is not too much to say against taking out a pawn loan in bochum. Many credit seekers have an object of value, which they can give in pawn, in order to receive cash without bureaucracy, without proofs and without SCHUFA most briskly.

The city of bochum in the ruhr area

Bochum is located in the center of the ruhr area and belongs to the 20 largest cities of the federal republic of germany. Around 370.000 people live in the north rhine-westphalian metropolis. The settlement name indicates that the place was once founded under buchen (bochum = buchenheim).

Bochum consists of a total of six districts. These are called bochum-mitte, bochum-nord, bochum-ost, bochum-sud, bochum-sudwest and bochum-wattenscheid.

Map of bochum

Statistical districts of bochum

The ten statistical districts of bochum-mitte are altenbochum (with goy), ehrenfeld, gleisdreieck (with innenstadt, gerberviertel), grumme, hamme (with hundhamme and goldhamme with maarbrucke), hofstede (with marmelshagen), hordel, kruppwerke (stahlhausen, griesenbruch), riemke and sudinnenstadt.

The four statistical districts of bochum-nord are called bergen/hiltrop (with bergen, hiltrop), gerthe, harpen/rosenberg (with harpen, rosenberg) and kornharpen/voede-abzweig (with kornharpen, voede-abzweig). The four statistical districts of bochum east are laer, langendreer (with kaltehardt, langendreerholz, ummingen), langendreer-alter bahnhof and werne.

The three statistical districts of bochum-sud are called querenburg (with hustadt, steinkuhl), stiepel (with brockhausen, haar and schrick) and wiemelhausen/brenschede (with wiemelhausen, brenschede and the kirchviertel). The four statistical districts of bochum-southwest are called dahlhausen (with oberdahlhausen), linden, weitmar-mark (with sundern) and weitmar-mitte (with barendorf).

The eight statistical districts of bochum-wattenscheid are called eppendorf (with engelsburg), gunnigfeld (with aschenbruch), heide, hontrop (with sevinghausen, stalleicken), leithe, munscheid, wattenscheid-mitte (with sudfeldmark) and westenfeld.

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