Pawnshop moers: take out a loan at the pawnshop moers – without any bureaucracy!

Moers: If you live in Moers and are currently looking for an uncomplicated instant loan without SCHUFA, you should think about paying a visit to a pawn shop Moers!

It's like a curse: one bill after the other flutters into your house – electricity back payment, car repair, and that your bafog repayment is due now, you didn't have on the screen either. Impossible you can just pay all the bills at once. But of course you also do not want to accumulate debts in any case. In such cases, an instant loan can help you. Particularly fast and uncomplicated, completely without bureaucracy, you get a pawn credit in the pawnshop moers.

What is a pawn loan and a pawnshop?

A collateral loan is a loan that is paid out – usually in cash – in exchange for the surrender of an object of value. The item, of which you must be the owner, of course, you get back as soon as you have paid off your pawn credit again.

Just because borrowing and lending on pledge loans takes place outside of banks does not make it shady or even illegal. On the contrary, pawnbroking is strictly regulated in § 1204 of the german civil code (BGB) and in § 34 of the industrial code (gewerbeordnung).

Not everyone can open a pawnshop on a whim. This requires both special insurance and high financial collateral – before the pawnbroker can open his pawnshop, some cities require a financial cushion in the six-figure range!

The law for pawn loans is that the monthly interest rate can never be higher than 1% of the loan amount. Likewise, the deposit fees may not be arbitrarily high, but are limited. So be sure, the moers pawn shop you're visiting is certainly professional. If in doubt, ask for the official license.

Which objects can be pawned in the pawnshop moers?

There is no complete list of items that can be pawned at the pawnshop. In principle, everything is eligible that has a certain value – but whether it is accepted, is solely at the discretion of the pawn shop owner. Almost always accepted are things like gold jewelry, gold bars, silver cutlery, valuable porcelain or antiques. Such you do not have at home? Then try it with your TV, your smartphone or your laptop, if the devices are new and modern.

Perhaps you are also toying with the idea of lending out your car. This is possible, but not in the usual pawnshop, but in the car pawnshop resp. Vehicle pawn shop. Lending houses of this type must have more space to be able to store the pledged vehicles securely. Besides cars, you can also pawn all other motorized vehicles, for example motorboats, tractors or caravans. Pawning a vehicle has a big advantage: you get higher credits. Not only that vehicles are generally worth more than smaller items. You will also receive up to 80% of its value as a loan, whereas for other items only about 50% is usual.

What if the loan can not be paid off?

Unfortunately, there are also the sad cases of people not being able to pay back their deposit loans against all expectations. If this is also the case for you, you may exceed the due date for repayment by up to one month. But if you still can't pay, you unfortunately lose your pawned item to the pawnshop.

The latter may then sell it at public auction, conducted by a sworn auctioneer. Interested parties can then buy the property, and if the highest bidder offers more money for it than you received as a loan, you are entitled to the difference. You can pick up your money at the pawnshop moers, and also here there is a deadline. If the money is not collected, it goes to the competent authority.

That's what KREDIT 123 thinks: our conclusion about the unbureaucratic loan at the pawnshop moers

In our opinion, a pawn loan can really help you out of a jam in some situations. It is disbursed quickly and requires no documents. You have your money immediately and can use it to pay for a repair or an urgently due bill.

However, we also advise against taking out a pawn loan at the pawn shop in moers if you have no money at all and also no prospect of having enough money to repay it soon. In addition, a pawn loan should always be repaid quickly so that the interest does not become very expensive over time.

Moers in north rhine-westphalia

Moers is a north rhine-westphalian city with over 100.000 inhabitants, which is located on the western edge of the ruhr area. It belongs to the rhine-ruhr metropolitan region. Moers consists of three districts: moers, kapellen and rheinkamp.

Map of moers

Districts of moers

The seven districts of the city of moers are called asberg, hochstrab, hulsdonk, moers-mitte, scherpenberg, schwafheim and vinn. The six districts of the kapellen district are called achterathsfeld, achterathsheide, bettenkamp, holderberg, kapellen-mitte and vennikel. The nine districts of rheinkamp are called baerler busch, bornheim, eick, genend, kohlenhuck, meerbeck, repelen, rheinkamp-mitte and utfort.

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