Prize for erlangen researchers

prize for erlangen researchers

The aorta plays a central role in the human body because it connects the heart with all other organs and supplies them with oxygen-rich blood. According to a press release from the university of erlangen, when surgical interventions have to be performed on the aorta, the physicians pay attention not only to the blood vessel itself, but also to the fact that the organs that depend on it are not damaged. For his research on organ protection in the context of aortic arch surgery, dr. Andre ruffer, senior physician at the pediatric cardiac surgery department of erlangen university hospital, now the franz kohler prize, awarded by the german society for thoracic and fibrosurgery (DGTHG).
The DGTHG regularly awards the franz kohler prize at its annual meeting in recognition of outstanding work in the field of organ protection, particularly in cardiology. The prize is endowed with 7500 euros and is sponsored by the dr. Franz kohler chemie gmbh donated. The call supports ruffer's further research in pediatric heart surgery.