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Every home loan is as individual as your dreams.

Together with you, we develop a financing solution tailored to your individual wishes and your personal framework conditions.

Your personal advisor will discuss the project with you step by step. He will give you valuable advice and tips and will of course also inform you about alternative financing options, for example involving public subsidies.

Once the financing construct is in place, we will select the financing partner that is best for you and your needs, and at the same time the best value for money.

The financing inquiry is guaranteed free of charge and without obligation. Your details will only be made available to your personal contact and will not be passed on for advertising purposes.

Dream – contact – sit back

We support you in all matters around the financing of your dream property.

The roadmap to your dream.

Request a quote or consultation

You provide us with initial details of your financing project in our online inquiry form.

All offers and interest rate comparisons for your financing are guaranteed free of charge and without obligation.

Consultation online or on site

As a rule, the responsible financing consultant will call you within 24 hours and discuss the further procedure with you. Depending on your preference, he or she will prepare initial funding proposals or arrange a joint advising appointment with you.

Compiling documents

In order to obtain a financing commitment that is non-binding for you but binding on the bank, your financing specialist will need several documents from you. Depending on the financing project and the requirements, the banks' documentation requirements may differ greatly from one another.

To ensure that only the documents that are actually required need to be obtained, your personal advisor will provide you with a list of required documents and instructions.

Preparation of your personal offer

After the essential information about your dream project has been collected and evaluated, we will use the latest software and the expertise of our experts to create an optimal financing offer for you.

For this purpose, we obtain a comprehensive overview of the eligible real estate loans from more than 400 well-known bank partners in the shortest possible time. At the same time, you have the opportunity to weigh up the various options for your real estate financing at your leisure.

Acceptance of the financing offer

Once you have decided on a financing solution, simply sign the offer and return it to your financing advisor. The agreed conditions are secured for you as soon as the documents are received. If you have not already done so, please submit all required documents.

Our experts negotiate the contract with the bank for you and obtain the financing commitment.

Financing is "in the bag

The selected financing partner will give you a legally binding financing commitment within a few days and conclude the loan agreement with you.

As soon as the disbursement requirements agreed with you are met, you will receive the money on time.

The loans are committed – and now?

After the loan commitment, your advisor sits down with you and discusses the further procedure until the loan is disbursed.

If you wish, we can take over the disbursement management for you. We've got your back: you send us the bills, we take care of the rest with special attention to on-time payments (like z. B. The purchase price) and avoidance of commitment interest

Move in relaxed and enjoy the dream

Even years after graduation, we will continue to serve you and help with all your financing needs.