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This article contains detailed information about the acceptance rate at purdue university, its application process, and requirements for first year and transfer admission.

Purdue university has been a public research institution since the 1800s. One of the earliest research institutions in the united states in the nineteenth century. It started small as a college of science, agriculture and engineering. Today, purdue university is considered one of the best public universities in america.

The university's rise to a world-renowned institution depends on hard work and a commitment to providing world-class education and intensive academic research.

In recent years, the number of applications received by purdue university has exceeded 50,000. Those who submitted their applications to purdue were high school applicants from across the united states and more than 120 countries.

Applicants admitted by purdue university who met their admission requirements in the most recent application cycle. What we will outline in this article will give you insight into the admissions process at purdue. What to include in your application profile and more.

purdue university acceptance rate

About purdue university

Purdue university is a public research institution located in west lafayette, indiana. Purdue university's founding dates back to 1869, when the indiana general assembly selected the lafayette neighborhood as the site for a new institution.

Lafayette businessman john purdue donated $150,000 to the indiana legislature, and land donations were also made to establish purdue university.

Since its founding, purdue university has provided education to the vast majority of indiana and other neighboring states in america. The university offers bachelor's and graduate degree programs in engineering, humanities, medicine, and health and human sciences.

Purdue university campuses are located in northwest and fort wayne, all in indiana arts. Purdue global offers more than 175 online programs where students can earn associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and certificates.

List of colleges and schools at purdue university

Purdue university offers its undergraduate and graduate degree programs through these 13 colleges and schools, listed below.

  • College of agriculture
  • University for education
  • University for engineers
  • Exploratory studies
  • College of health and human sciences
  • College of liberal arts
  • Krannert school of management
  • College of pharmacy
  • Purdue polytechnic institute
  • College of science
  • College of veterinary medicine
  • Honor college
  • The graduate school

Purdue university rankings

Here are purdue university's most recent state and national rankings, according to niche.Com.

National rankings

  • #7 best college for information technology in america
  • #14 best college for agricultural sciences in america
  • No. 16 best public universities in america
  • #17 best large college in america
  • #34 best college for engineering in america
  • #35 best college for business in america
  • #35 best college for education in america

Country rankings

  • #1 best college dining in indiana
  • No. 1 of the best colleges for education in indiana
  • Nr. 1 of the best public universities in indiana
  • #1 best large college in indiana
  • #2 best college in in
  • No. 2 college with the best academics in indiana
  • #2 college with the best professor in indiana
  • #2 best college for student-athletes in indiana

Student life at purdue university

Purdue university has the perfect environment for a memorable college life. The university housing system provides space for a large number of students and also provides a conducive environment for learning.

There are student organizations and activities on campus for students to participate in. Purdue university has had one of the largest fraternity, sorority and co-op communities in america for over 100 years.

Purdue university prioritizes the health and well-being of students and therefore offers student support and health services.

What is the acceptance rate at purdue university?

Purdue university has seen an increase in the number of applications received each year during the year. Total applications for the class of 2024 were 57,279 and increased in the admission year 59,173-2021 to 2022.

Purdue university's acceptance rate for the last two admissions cycles was 67% or. 60 %. Applicants who benefited from purdue university's 67% acceptance rate were mostly indiana residents.

During the last admissions period, approximately 4,647 indiana students were accepted into the next graduating class. Out-of-state applicants also participated appropriately in the admissions process for a spot in the current freshman class.

Regarding purdue university's recent acceptance rate, the institution has yet to release an official statement. However, it has been projected that the acceptance rate at purdue university will be 54%.

Purdue university computer science acceptance rate

There are two things you might mean by "purdue university computer science acceptance rate" – the rate of applicants to admitted students and the rate of admitted students for those who accepted purdue university's computer science admission offer.

The ratio of applicants to admitted students is somewhat difficult to determine, but is approximately. 30-35%.

The ratio of admitted students to students who accept their admission in computer science is 25%

GPA requirement

Purdue's required high school GPA averages 3.69. The last freshman class of 2025 had a median 50% GPA of 3.5-3.9.

SAT and ACT requirements

The median 50% SAT score of the freshman for the next graduating class is 1190-1410 (on the 1600 scale). The average SAT at purdue is 1315.

Below are the statistics for SAT scores by section.

SAT results area
math 600-750
critical reading 590-690
composed 1190-1440

Freshman ACT composite middle 50%: 26-33.

ACTION results area
math 26-33
english 24-34
composite 25-32

What are the requirements for applying to purdue university in your first year??

Those who are considered freshman applicants are students who have graduated from high school and received a diploma or GED. First-year applicants to purdue must submit essential academic material as proof of high school completion.

Here are things you should know before applying to purdue university.

Complete the application

The application process at purdue includes:

  • The application
  • Purdue-specific questions from the application itself
  • Self-reported grades from the high school
  • Self-reported SAT and ACT test scores
  • Proof of english proficiency (for international applicants from countries where english is not an official language)
  • The application fee or a fee waiver. Applicants applying through the general application must submit a personal essay and respond to purdue-specific questions.
  • Purdue university accepts SAT and ACT scores and you can self-report your test scores. Purdue university's school code for SAT is 1631 and 1230 for ACT.

Meet the minimum requirements for admission

Purdue university strongly recommends that you meet these minimum high school requirements.

  • Mathematics- at least 8 semesters
  • English- minimum of 8 semesters
  • Science in the lab- minimum of 6 semesters (engineering applicants). In addition, applicants to pharmacy, nursing and veterinary science programs must have completed two semesters of chemistry and two semesters of biology
  • Social sciences- minimum of 6 semesters
  • World language- minimum of 4 semesters

When will purdue publish admission decisions?

If you applied to purdue university in the fall semester and missed the early action deadline on 1. November, you should submit your decision by 15. January expect.

Those who miss the regular decision deadline of 15. January should be submitted by 31. March to expect an admission decision.

What is the acceptance rate for international students at purdue university??

Purdue university receives thousands of applications from international applicants each year during its admissions period. Admissions statistics at purdue show that over 100 countries were represented in the most recent application.

On average, purdue university admits approximately 9,000 international applicants annually, with an estimated acceptance rate of 58%.

Application requirements for international students

You are an international freshman if you have a high school diploma and all application materials are on file.

Here are the admission requirements for international students.

Application options

Purdue university accepts the common application and all international applicants must pay a $60 non-refundable application fee.

Secondary / high school grades

While submitting your application through the common application, you will be offered two options.

  • Self-reported transcript and
  • Uploaded originals or certified copies of all transcripts, grade sheets, diplomas and certificates.

All international applicants who wish to enroll at purdue university must submit official transcripts.

If you are unable to upload transcripts, grade sheets, certificates, and diplomas during your application through the general application process, they can be sent to purdue university.

Documentation must be sent to purdue sealed by the secondary or university attended or by a review board.

Purdue university mailing address

Purdue university international undergraduate admission 475 stadium mall drive, west lafayette, indiana 47907 USA

Please note that purdue university requires 3 consecutive years of completed coursework on your secondary school transcripts in order to evaluate your application.

Below is the required average for high school coursework.

  • Mathematics- minimum of 8 semesters
  • English- at least 8 semesters
  • Social science- at least 6 semesters
  • Laboratory science- minimum of 6 semesters (engineering must have 2 semesters of chemistry

Official standardized (SAT/ACT) test scores

Purdue university strongly recommends SAT or ACT scores (with writing) for international students. If you submit impressive test scores for SAT evidence-based reading and writing, SAT critical reading, or ACT english, you may be exempt from submitting additional scores.

English proficiency test

All international applicants from countries where english is not an official language must submit test scores.

As an international applicant, you can demonstrate english proficiency by submitting one of these official test scores.

  • TOEFL ibt- minimum score of 80 or above for applicants applying to the college of agriculture, education, health & human science, liberal arts, pharmacy, exploratory studies and purdue polytechnic institute.
  • TOEFL ibt- a minimum score of 88 for applicants applying to the college of engineering, science and krannert school of management.
  • IELTS- minimum 6.5 or above as an overall score for all applicants. With 6.0 as the least expected score in each section.

Send your test results to the purdue university office of international students and scholars.

  • SAT code: 1631
  • The average score on the SAT reading test is 33 or higher
  • SAT critical reading average score- top 15 percentile
  • ACT code: 1230
  • The average score for ACT (english) – 28 or higher

English language proficiency test at the UK level

Letter of recommendation

Although letters of recommendation are not required for admission, purdue strongly encourages you to. A letter of recommendation can play an important role in helping students who are eligible for scholarships or applying to highly selective programs.

Application requirements for transfer students

You are eligible to transfer to purdue university if you have;

The application process and requirements are as follows.

Step 1. Select a major

Before applying to purdue university, you must decide on the program to which you wish to be admitted and know the minimum requirements for your degree choice. Most majors at purdue are restricted to transfer students.

Minimum course and GPA requirements

There are over 200 programs available for transfer admission at purdue university. Visit the purdue majors page to learn more about specific programs.

Step 2. Investigate transfer pathways

Purdue university has several pathways within its transfer procedures. There are special program agreements and policies for students who have been absent from college.

Step 3. Transfer requirements and eligibility

Make sure you meet these requirements before you begin your application to purdue.

Minimum academic and high school requirements

All transfer applicants to purdue must have met the average high school requirements in other countries to be admitted.

If your high school coursework does not meet purdue's requirements, you can offset the requirements with college-level coursework.

Minimum coursework and college credit

Before you can apply to purdue university, you must have earned 12 completed credit hours of college courses at an accredited institution of higher education.

Purdue university's admissions committee may need final grades from your current coursework to make a final decision on your admission status.

English proficiency

Transfer students from countries where english is not an official language must submit english proficiency test scores.

Detailed information about purdue award transfer credit can be found on the university's official website via this link.

What is the acceptance rate for transfer students at purdue university?

Purdue university receives an average of approximately 4,000 transfer requests annually. Purdue's main campus received 3,461 transfer requests in 2019 and 1,414 of those requests were successful.

The acceptance rate for transfer students at purdue university is approximately 40%.

Track tuition and fees

Below is the estimated cost of attendance at purdue university.

Indiana residents NON-RESIDENT
billed expenses
TRAINING COSTS + $ 9,992 ** $ 28,794 **
ROOM/BOARD $ 10,030 $ 10,030
subtotal $ 20,022 $ 38,824
other estimated expenses
BOOKS/ACCESSORIES $ 1,010 $ 1,010
transportation service $ 250 $ 250 +
OTHER $ 1,530 $ 1,530
subtotal $ 2,790 $ 2,790
TOTAL ESTIMATED VALUE $ 22,812 $ 41,614

source: https://www.Purdue.Edu/

Some programs with additional tuition at purdue university

  • Information technology – $2,050
  • Data science – $2,050
  • Engineering – $2,050
  • Administration – $1,436
  • Purdue polytechnic – $572
  • Flight – additional fees apply for individual courses in this program; please refer to the bursar website or contact the department for specific flight course fees.
  • Honors college – $200

Purdue university contact address

  • School address: 610 purdue mall, west lafayette, IN 47907, USA
  • Phone: + 1 765-494-4600

Frequently asked questions about the acceptance rate at purdue university

We've listed some of the frequently asked questions about purdue university's acceptance rate.

What GPA do you need to get into purdue university?

The average high school GPA requirement at purdue is 3.69. To achieve this standard, you will need a near outstanding academic record.

How hard is it to get into purdue university?

Purdue university's acceptance rate admits more than half of all applicants. Purdue's admission rate has admitted 67% of applicants who applied in the 2020-2021 admission year.

Is purdue university an ivy league?

Purdue university is not among the prestigious ivy elite. However, purdue is considered a prestigious public research institution.


Purdue university has come a long way since its founding to become a recognized public research institution.

Purdue offers the opportunity to earn an education, proving that distance is no barrier to achieving academic excellence. We believe that the information provided in this article has highlighted not only the acceptance rate at purdue university, but also the admissions.