Real estate financing: self-employed persons must provide even more information and documentation due to corona!

16.04.2021 if you are self-employed and need real estate financing, you have always had to provide some proof of income. In times of corona, banks' requirements for lending to the self-employed have increased. Accordingly, freelancers and tradesmen must currently bring more documents and evidence. An important realization: without tax consultant (in) goes there nothing more.

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The corona crisis affects especially the small businesses and "solo self-employed". We would like to give you an overview of which subsidies and assistance are currently available to sole traders and freelancers in particular, and where and how to apply for these subsidies in practice. We are currently working on the contents and are updating them here on an ongoing basis.

(this post is outdated; as of april 2020)

Many self-employed complain that there are allegedly hardly any banks willing to finance their property. Of course, this impression can quickly arise if you simply ask at the wrong banks. Pure retail banks actually fall out as potential lenders, but there are also numerous (!) banks that have no problem with the self-employed.

Banks are at least since the entry into force of the so-called. Residential real estate credit directive on 21.03.2016 obliged to check your income very carefully when granting a loan. As a freelancer or tradesman, you must therefore provide a whole range of proof of income when applying for real estate financing. We show you which documents you need to be successful with the banks.

In the case of salaried employees and civil servants, income can usually be read off quite easily in the pay slips. But how does it work for the self-employed? How do banks determine the income of self-employed persons or freelancers when granting loans??

The distinction between freelancers and "normal" tradesmen is not always very simple. In principle, freelancers are also traders, but enjoy u.A. Tax advantages, as the so-called. Liberal professions not subject to trade tax.