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Construction financing, real estate financing and house financing for pensioners and retirees

The generation 60plus, best agers or also silver surfer, as the group of the pensioners and pensioners in the press is gladly circumscribed, is seized by the advertisement ever more and classified as interesting target group.

Elderly couple in their own garden thanks to real estate financing

But most banks are very reluctant to pensioners and retirees when it comes to the topics of real estate financing, construction financing, modernization loans or simply credit.

Many people from this group of people, pensioners and retirees, have already made the experience themselves.

Despite having a debt-free or nearly debt-free property, all you get from your bank is a shake of the head instead of the loan for z.B. Modernizations or age-appropriate conversion of the property.

Is one as a pensioner or retiree despite collateral no longer creditworthy?

Grandmother cuts red roses in his own garden thanks to construction financing

Some banks have so-called age limits, for example, until the seventy-fifth year of life, the loan must be repaid. Or a financing is only possible if a “future heir” co-signs the loan agreement as a co-applicant.

Especially in today’s world, a large number of people acquire their real estate at an advanced age. The reason: the professional activity was associated with frequent changes of residence. Thus the topic “own real estate” did not arise for this group at the time.

Should there be no financing option for these people?

However, there is another way ..

Since I have dealt with this topic intensively, I now have a number of banks in my network that do not practice “age discrimination”.

Thus the following construction financings are and/or. Real estate financing possible:

Financing for the purchase or construction of a condominium or house up to 100 percent of the purchase price. The ancillary acquisition costs are to be paid from the equity capital. The minimum repayment is 1 percent per year initially. Of course, the kfw subsidies can also be built into the financing. My oldest customer financed through this bank partner was 92 years old.

Financing of conversions or modernizations. Again, no age limit and low minimum repayment of 1 percent per year initially.

Raising capital for free use. Up to 80 percent of the market value of the property can be mortgaged to. The capital can be used without proof of use. Again, the minimum repayment is initially 1 percent per year. This is how you can z. B. Finance a mobile home through your real estate with a favorable interest rate and a low monthly rate and thus travel europe.

Which form of financing is most suitable for you now, we can determine in a personal conversation. I offer personal advice in three forms:

Personal consultation in my office

Here we can discuss your plans in detail and determine the best form of financing for you. The advice is of course independent of the interests of the bank partners, and so I provide a tailor-made financing solution at favorable conditions.

Personal advice by phone

This is similar to the consultation in the office with the difference that we only hear each other and do not see each other.

Personal consultation online

We conduct this consultation via PC or notebook. During the consultation via skype you can follow all calculations and representations on your screen. In the case of consultation via chat, you will receive a written protocol of the conversation by e-mail after the consultation. You can find out exactly how online counseling works here.

My support does not end with the signing of the contract

I am also available to you after signing the contract with advice and support. And for as long as you wish.

Request an initial financing proposal ..

Here you can request a first financing proposal. With just a few details, you can get an initial overview of what is possible for you.

For first questions or further information I am available to you gladly by telephone under (040) 39 87 41 42. Of course you can also send me a message.