Self-build real estate – what to consider

Calculator with 3 miniature houses

If you want to own your own home, you theoretically have the option of building the property completely or at least partially yourself. Because this is a demanding project, it must be well thought out and flawlessly planned. What there is to consider, prospective builders learn here.

Budget and land – the basis for success

Before planning and building the house, it must be ensured that the land is suitable for the building project. In addition, the purchase must fit into the budget. During construction, there are not only costs for materials, helpers and machines, but also ancillary costs.

These must be taken into account in order not to get bogged down financially. These include the costs for the notary, for the land registry entry and for the move. Of course, the interior will also cost a lot of money, unless you only use second-hand furniture.

When choosing a plot of land, future property owners make sure that the surroundings are perfectly suited to their own needs. The location should be central as well as quiet, so that the house and the property retain their value. The more attractive the location, the more likely it is that the home will be worthwhile in the long term.

Construction financing – not only consider the costs of construction

When it comes to financing, prospective home builders should build in a generous reserve fund. It happens in many projects that unforeseen additional costs arise. This happens when the amount of material is overestimated or individual steps have to be carried out twice to correct mistakes.

At least ten percent in reserve should be available – the loan must be correspondingly higher than just the net construction costs plus purchase of the land amount to.

Costs that are also often forgotten in the calculation: connections and pipes for water, electricity, gas and waste water. So-called development costs are incurred for this.

Plan the house and choose the type of house

The type of house has a very decisive influence on how complex and how expensive home building will be on your own initiative. Should it be a terraced house, a prefabricated house, a free-standing house in massive construction or rather a house for several families, in which some apartments are rented out??

Energy efficiency is an important factor in modern construction. Using less energy for heating and hot water or generating electricity from the sun will save money for years to come. Of course the realization of photovoltaics and co costs. In the beginning money. Therefore, builders should consider whether the investment is worthwhile. There are many possibilities to be promoted by state and federation. It is important that homeowners inform themselves sufficiently!

A lot of time should be devoted to the division of the rooms and the division into outdoor as well as indoor areas. Will there be a balcony, terrace or garden? This costs space, but pays off due to the better living comfort.

At what point should garden and co. Location and how large the outdoor area may be? Accurate planning plays an important role at this point. Afterwards self-builders consider, how the dwelling areas are divided up.

The location of each room should be considered: the location of the room, the windows and the sun. Some rooms are particularly flooded with light, others are on the shadier side of the house.

If the house is located on a street, bedrooms and children's rooms should rather be located on the side where no cars are driving. The same applies if the building plot is located near a parking lot, factory or warehouse. All the rooms where sleeping takes place are on the quieter side, so that resting is possible even with the window open.

What can you do yourself and what do you need helpers for??

To build the house completely with own hands is a great idea. Firstly, after the construction you have a very special relationship with the building and secondly, you save a lot of money. On the other hand, no one can successfully build a property all by himself and completely without outside help – unless, perhaps, he has years to spare.

Therefore, it is important that self-builders consider beforehand at what point the help of a professional will be needed. The different departments should be involved from the beginning so they can help immediately if you need the help.

Support from the close environment may also not be missing. Is there someone who is professionally involved in roofs, windows, energy or the construction industry in general?? This friend or relative get builders from the outset with in the boat!