So was the wine festival at the town hall square in forchheim

so was the wine festival at the town hall square in forchheim

"O cosmos greeks say to a place where something is going on, where you want to be to see and be seen. It may be due to the almost tropical temperatures that mediterranean images mix so easily with those of half-timbered facades at the wine festival of the forchheim-buckenhofen music society on the town hall square.

A piece far also the clothing of the visitors contributes to it. Even heiner kredel, tireless promoter of the music society, has left the professional dress code far behind: knee-length light trousers, a linen shirt and a straw hat. "I’m not a "traditional franconian", he says almost as an apology, although his style of dress exactly matches the atmosphere in forchheim’s "good parlor reflects.

Sudliche way of life at the forchheim wine festival

Even the timing fits into the picture of southern lifestyle. With every degree that the mercury level slides down again, more people come and settle down on the benches and at the bar tables. One comes, one goes, one makes a round through the city, the festive mood is carried far beyond the town hall square with the onset of darkness. A real volta – and that in the middle of forchheim. The frenchman as flaneur? It goes together.

The young musicians intonate french and popular music; the voluntary service staff of the association wear dirndls and lederhosen and – nevertheless – the atmosphere is a special one. Far away from the sometimes screeching-screaming tone of the annafest. Whether it is because of the drink that it is quiet, but not lively?

In terms of quantity, the most popular drink was certainly water. There was beer, too, but most of the young musicians loved to serve them a glass of wine. The term is not too exaggerated, but the "waiters and waitresses" were wearing glasses and bottles in handy baskets from table to table, to pour every thirsty and every sipper the desired drink.

And on many bottles of frankenwein from the winery michael frohlich from escherndorf a layer of precipitation formed because they were so well chilled. This service performance at temperatures still close to 30 degrees is worthy of special mention.

They come here every year, my seat neighbors tell me. "With the bike, that is a matter of honor." No, they didn’t want to have any problems with alcohol, even if the way back to hausen along the canal will be quite dark. "But it will certainly not be cold today, with these temperatures."