So you find the right loan – what types are there?

How to find the right loan - what types are there?

If you are looking for a loan, you have several options to finance your project. Basically, there are several types of loans, so you have certainly heard of the personal loan, the car loan, the mini loan and the civil servant loan. What is a framework loan? What is the difference between overdraft facility and overdraft facility??

The terms are varied. We would like to introduce you to the different types of loans and show you how to find the right loan for you.

The loan comparison helps

You can always find a suitable loan by conducting a neutral and non-binding credit comparison. Here you can get an overview of the terms and conditions and which provider is best for your personal needs.

Find a favorable loan now

For a no obligation loan comparison you can use our loan calculator. As soon as you like a certain offer, you can apply for it and secure your loan amount.

Loan for a vehicle financing

If you want to finance a vehicle, then you should get a car loan. You have several options for this.

First, you can think about dealer financing and have your car financed directly through the dealer at a bank. But if you want to benefit from the advantages of cash, you should use an independent loan offer. With this sum you appear at the dealer as a cash payer and have so still another additional discount. You can find the right car financing here.

In terms of car financing, you have probably heard of balloon financing. Balloon financing is nothing else than a car loan with a high final installment.

Get a particularly favorable loan with a civil servant loan

If you have a secure and stable income, you can apply for a civil servant loan. This offers you particularly favorable conditions and a long term. Of course, you can only apply for the favorable loan if you are a civil servant or a public employee.

Small amounts with the mini loan

With a mini loan you can get smaller credit amounts. Among other things, you benefit from simplified acceptance criteria. If you only need a manageable amount of money, the mini loan is the right choice for you.

To carry out the debt rescheduling with a new loan

If you have several loans running at the same time, it can be useful to combine them with a debt rescheduling. This results in more clarity for you and possibly a lower monthly rate. Thereby you preserve in any case your budget.

Full digital loan

You probably know this from the past: you apply for a loan and have to copy and send numerous receipts. In addition, you must run to the post office and legitimize yourself there.

That is with the digital credit history. A digital loan means that you can apply for it completely from home. So sit comfortably on the couch and apply for your loan.

Credit without schufa – with negative payment history

If you had financial difficulties, but they are settled, you will still have a hard time applying for another loan. Imagine the situation that you have a settled, but negative schufa entry. In the meantime, you have your finances under control, but it still fails because of the stupid schufa.

In this case, you should think about the way in which you can apply for a loan without a credit record.

With the securities credit to the credit rating

If you have a securities account with valuable shares, you can usually apply for a securities loan. This is granted credit neutral and allows you to use your securities account as collateral. This is already possible from small amounts of 3.000 euros possible.

Apply for a loan as a self-employed person

If you are self-employed, you have it a little harder to get a loan. This is because not every lender allows self-employed people. However, there is of course the possibility and you can apply for a loan as a self-employed person, freelancer or trader.

Secure a long-term credit line with the framework loan

The framework loan is a special form of credit. Strictly speaking, this is a hybrid between an overdraft facility and an installment loan. Once applied, you will have a fixed credit line, which you can use just as flexibly as an overdraft for your checking account. On the other hand, the interest rates are much lower. This in turn approaches the advantage of the installment loan.