Sparkasse mainz – use the credit card abroad: advantages, costs and handling at a glance

Whether it's for online shopping, withdrawing money or questions regarding security – the credit card offers several advantages over other means of payment. Especially when traveling abroad it is indispensable for many people. But: what can the credit card abroad better than the girocard? What to consider before and during a trip abroad with a credit card? And what happens if the credit card is lost on the road?? In this article we have compiled the most important questions and answers about using credit cards abroad.

Why it is better to use a credit card than a sparkassen-card when abroad?

Credit cards are the most common means of payment worldwide. In contrast to a girocard, credit cards from the two leading providers mastercard and visa are accepted almost everywhere in the world. In addition, withdrawing money and paying with a credit card is often cheaper than with a girocard.

Which credit cards are suitable for abroad?

In principle, all credit card types can be used abroad. However, basic credit cards or debit cards (both are debit cards), for example, have the disadvantage that they are not always accepted as a means of payment. When renting a car or staying in hotels, you may encounter problems. Anyone traveling abroad should therefore check beforehand whether their own credit card is suitable for their individual plans.

Compared to credit cards that only offer standard functions for payments and cash withdrawals, credit cards from the premium segment often offer interesting additional services, especially for travel or for use abroad. This includes, for example, insurance such as travel cancellation insurance , a foreign travel health insurance or a travel emergency service.

Is there anything I need to know before using my credit card abroad??

Before traveling abroad, you should make sure that the credit card can be used in the respective destination country. With some banks it must be activated beforehand. The credit cards of sparkasse mainz are already activated for use abroad by default.

Since almost all credit cards are now equipped with a PIN, contact your bank if you no longer know the PIN. The number is required for cash withdrawals at atms and now also for payments. For all those who find it difficult to remember the sequence of numbers: at sparkasse mainz, it is possible to change the assigned PIN into a

What costs can be incurred when withdrawing money and paying by credit card abroad?

Paying with a credit card is generally free of charge in the countries of the euro zone. However, fees may apply in other countries – depending on the credit card and the provider.

Cash withdrawal abroad can also incur costs. These vary depending on the bank's terms and conditions and the credit card product in question. With the premium credit cards of sparkasse mainz, for example, six cash withdrawals per year are free (a currency conversion fee may apply, however). However, additional costs may be incurred due to fees charged by ATM operators and the selection at the machine. Holidaymakers should therefore use devices with the inscription "0 % commission" if possible. In non-euro countries, it also makes sense not to have the amount converted into euros on the spot. ATM operators usually charge high fees for this service or convert it at a poor exchange rate. If, on the other hand, one chooses the option to settle the amount in local currency, the house bank will take care of the conversion. This is more favorable.

Who will help me in case of loss, theft or if the credit card does not work abroad??

Customers of sparkasse mainz can take advantage of the free worldwide emergency service and contact the 24-hour service desk-call the hotline at +49 89 411 116 446 to report it. Within 48 hours, they will then usually receive an emergency card or emergency money. In the event of loss or theft, the card should also be blocked by calling the +49 116 116.

Tip: always take a second credit card, a girocard or some cash with you and keep it separate from your first credit card. In this way, you will still be able to make payments if the worst comes to the worst.