Swiss credit without schufa – apply now for credit from switzerland and secure low interest rates

A loan from switzerland – also called a swiss loan – differs in part from a loan you can apply for in this country. Interesting is a loan from lenders from switzerland, because often no query is made to the schufa. Germany is one of the few countries in the world that has such a credit bureau. In switzerland, other factors are used to check the creditworthiness of potential borrowers from germany. This includes u. A. The proof of income, possible guarantors and a secure employment. The latter factor must be proven by presenting a permanent employment contract.

Features and characteristics of a swiss loan

Swiss credit

The main peculiarity of a credit from switzerland is the waiver of a credit report from the side of the lender, respectively the waiver of a credit check from the side of the borrower. Credit intermediary. As a result, interest charges can be a permanent cost trap for the borrower, depending on the term and amount of the loan. Therefore, it is important to take a close look at the offers for a corresponding loan at our platform kredit-vergleich24.Com and to compare the conditions with each other.

Other special features of a loan from switzerland relate to the simple application options via german or. German-speaking loan brokers and the waiver of countless additional documents. Although you must provide proof of income and identify yourself via post IDENT or otherwise to confirm your identity. However, the lender only in exceptional cases, further documents, (notarial documents) and information requested.

Advantages and disadvantages of a loan from switzerland

There are many advantages that distinguish a loan from switzerland for german citizens. These outweigh the negative aspects. There are some black sheep in the credit and finance industry, which bring reputable competitors into disrepute. Nevertheless, you benefit from more advantages than disadvantages when using credit offers from switzerland. Finally, you will be mostly rejected by german lenders as a person with a low credit rating. At the same time, you can take advantage of swiss financing models anonymously, without the schufa notices anything about it.

The advantages of the swiss financing models for germans

  • Easy application on the internet
  • Possible without a credit report
  • Many offers online and offline
  • Freely determinable amount of the disbursement
  • Low brokerage fees
  • Free intended use
  • Mostly flexible repayment option
  • No seizure possibility for creditors
  • Can be combined with a swiss tax savings account
  • German-speaking contact persons via internet and hotline

The disadvantages of the loan from the swiss for germans

  • Some dubious providers
  • Relatively high interest charges
  • Quite long process of application
  • No personal consultation on the spot
  • Proof of income required

Requirements for a loan from lenders from switzerland

There are only a few requirements that must be met in order to take advantage of the swiss loan. But this does not mean that the application process is fast. Quite the opposite: especially compared to german instant loans. The main requirements to be met can be found below:

  1. Minimum age of over 18 years
  2. Loan only with citizenship
  3. Permanent residence with an indefinite rental contract
  4. Application exclusively as a private person
  5. Permanent and unlimited employment relationship
  6. Constant and in the amount sufficient earned income
  7. Many years of service with the employer company
  8. Low risk of incapacity to work due to illnesses

If a loan from switzerland without schufa is to be applied for, collateral must usually still be provided. In addition to a guarantor, this can also be a life insurance or an expensive valuable object, which is collected by the swiss bank in case of non-repayment of the installments. There are, however, loan providers from switzerland, which do without this.

Target groups of the financing models from switzerland

Due to the often disadvantageous conditions with which many financing offers from switzerland come along, these are primarily worthwhile for people who have a negative credit history or suffer from a bad credit rating due to other concluded credit agreements. Likewise consumers, who would like to avoid a schufaeintrag, set on financing models of credit offerers from switzerland. Since the lender does not query and report the loan approval, the german credit agency does not learn that you are using a swiss loan.

Forms of the loan from switzerland

Swiss credit without Schufa

Financing options from switzerland can be found in many variants on the credit market. Well known are the swiss credit without schufa, with immediate commitment or. 24-hour approval, without proof of income and with guarantors. There are also loans from switzerland, which are aimed at different target groups. These are listed below:

  • Without schufa
  • (without schufa) with or without instant approval
  • With or without upfront costs
  • With or without guarantor
  • With or without proof of income

Unemployed people have a hard time getting a loan without a credit report that is reputable. Instant approval is also practically impossible for this target group. Even if consumers without a regular income provide collateral, they are usually rejected at least by reputable intermediaries of a loan from switzerland.

Known providers of loans from switzerland

A loan from switzerland is offered by many loan brokers and banks. Among the best-known national providers in the german neighboring country, where you can seriously apply for a loan with or without schufa, are those listed below:

  • Credit suisse (credit institution)
  • Migros bank (credit institution)
  • Post finance (credit institution)
  • Raiffeisen (credit institution)
  • UBS (credit institution)
  • Bon kredit (credit intermediary)
  • Credit sun (credit intermediary)
  • Maxda (credit broker)

In addition, there are other intermediaries and the so-called cantonal banks, but you can only get a loan if you have a permanent residence in switzerland. For this, however, you need a permanent employment contract.

Compare swiss loans with each other – this is how you proceed

You can find at kredit-vergleich24.Com perform an extensive comparison for loans from switzerland. How to benefit from a transparent overview. Also, you will find the most favorable or best conditions for your individual needs easier, because you do not have to individually browse the official websites of the swiss banks that grant loans. Another advantage of the loan comparison refers to the fast application on the internet.

The comparison calculator for loans from switzerland offers these functions

Here on kredit-vergleich24.Com you can use several filter options to use our loan calculator efficiently. First determine the purpose of use. Now specify the loan amount and decide on a term of the loan. Then you will get an overview of the largest providers, including conditions and links to the application form. Fill in all relevant fields and wait for a response from the lender.

Answers to the most important questions about the swiss loan

Among the positive features of a loan from credit providers from switzerland are the anonymity due to the lack of credit information and the flexible purpose of use. There are other advantages such as the low brokerage fee. This is not even applicable if you apply for a loan at a large swiss bank. Some of them even offer combined offers with a swiss savings account – even if you should not have a residence and permanent job in this country.

Practically all swiss banks that grant loans and do not require a credit report will give you either an instant approval or instant rejection. However, in this process, you can only conclude the loan provided for german citizens online and must have all the important documents ready, such as your ID (for post IDENT) and your proof of income. If you go to a notary and have all the documents for the swiss loan without schufa notarized, it goes even faster.

An instant approval for a swiss loan for germans does not mean that you will receive the payment amount directly. In fact, the lender uses automated algorithms to check whether you meet all the basic requirements. Your documents are then scrutinized before the intermediary or credit institution decides whether you qualify as a lender.

There are some indications that speak for or against a loan and the provider from switzerland who provides it. Serious credit intermediaries and banks are, in addition to bon kredit, the five major swiss institutions credit suisse, migros bank, post finance, raiffeisen and UBS. You can recognize dubious providers u. A. Their lack of reputation, many bad reviews and a dubious internet presence. Also a missing imprint or an address with a letterbox address do not show seriousness.

Interest charges vary depending on proof of income. If you have a good credit rating, you will pay much less interest than if you have a low income. Nevertheless, due to the frequent lack of collateral, the interest rate conditions are more disadvantageous than with a classic installment loan. Experience shows that these are around 8 percent. Thus they are higher than with an overdraft facility. This applies primarily to financing options without a credit report and with an immediate commitment.

If you can provide collateral in the form of a guarantor, life insurance, contributions in kind or similar, the interest rate conditions are usually more favorable for you. Even if a schufaauskunft is waived, a swiss bank often gives you an interest discount of 3 to 5 percent. However, with almost any loan you must expect an effective interest charge of at least 5 percent – even if you are a long-standing manager in an internationally renowned company.

Our tip: to take advantage of a loan without schufa from reputable swiss providers, you should rely on a guarantor. This is usually only required by credit institutions that want to give you the opportunity to benefit from particularly favorable interest conditions. The guarantor is obliged to help you out financially if you are no longer able – for example, due to financial problems – to pay the monthly repayment installments for the loan yourself.

The guarantor must be noted in the credit agreement when taking out a loan from switzerland for germans and confirm his financial responsibility with his signature. In addition to the advantage of more favorable conditions, you also benefit from faster payment. Likewise, the terms are more flexible. With swiss banks that grant loans, you can even name several guarantors – such as your parents, your siblings or people from your circle of friends or acquaintances. Colleague circle. Likewise, employers can serve as guarantors.

It is difficult to get a loan approved from switzerland without proof of income. Many banks see this as proof of the lender's creditworthiness. Since there is no schufa information and the loan is guaranteed without collateral, you must prove that you have a regular income (in a certain amount) and a permanent employment contract. Otherwise you will be rejected by a swiss bank as a borrower.

Credit brokers almost always demand a commission for a swiss loan intended for germans. The amount is based on the loan amount or effort. With banks the preliminary costs are omitted in all rule. A one-time payment can be made if needed, but is not considered a requirement to qualify for a loan. Therefore you should with credit comparison24.Com first look for offers from swiss banks and only in an emergency rely on credit intermediaries.

If you have filed for insolvency and are unemployed, you cannot take out a loan from switzerland. There are lenders who do not check how you are currently doing as a self-employed person and guarantee you a loan despite your lack of creditworthiness. However, this is a criminal credit fraud, because in this case you have not filled out the application form truthfully. After all, if the banks look into your company balance sheets shortly after you have gone bankrupt, it is difficult for them to figure out what your financial situation looks like.

Even with a discharge of residual debt, it will not be easy for you to be accepted as a borrower by a swiss bank offering reputable loans. You have to bear other financial burdens, have little money to live on and still have to make the monthly repayments! This scares off many – especially serious – lenders. However, even in this case, with the help of a guarantor or other collateral, you can find and apply for a loan from lenders from switzerland. To some lenders, the citizen is enough to offer you good interest conditions if you have a bad credit rating.

Post IDENT is just as common in switzerland as in germany. Therefore, a swiss credit model, in which the schufa remains outside, can only be applied for through this procedure. You need a valid (german) ID and you have to confirm your identity at a post office. You can also do this in germany – i.E., with deutsche post. Likewise, there are financing options for germans, which you can take advantage of via an online identity procedure. In this case, you will be called by an employee of the lending company – z. B. Via skype – to show your identity card.