Trump insults mexico and expands trade war

Trump insults Mexico and expands trade war

Donald trump scolds mexico – and swings the tariff club again. Mexico is taking advantage of the U.S. The problem is that mexico "takes but never gives," the U.S. President wrote on twitter, referring to what he sees as mexico’s lack of border security.

This has been going on for decades. On thursday, he had announced massive tariffs against the neighboring country as a countermeasure. The trade war with china also continues to escalate.

"Either they stop the invasion of our country by drug dealers, mafia gangs, human traffickers, coyotes and illegal immigrants, which they can do very easily," trump continued. "Or our many companies and jobs that have been foolishly allowed to move south of the border will be brought back by taxation (tariffs)," writes the president. "America has had enough!"

Trump had threatened to start from 10. June to impose tariffs of five percent on all goods imported from mexico if mexico does not effectively strengthen border security. If necessary, the tariffs should gradually increase up to 25 percent. Mexico is one of the most important trading partners of the U.S. The U.S. Imported from the neighboring country last were worth 346 billion dollars in the year. The main line items are cars and car parts.

Trump’s new advance has met with sharp criticism, including in the u.S. "Imposing tariffs on goods from mexico is exactly the wrong move," reads a statement from the u.S. Chamber of commerce. "These tariffs are being paid by american families and businesses without doing anything to help solve the very real problems at the border."

Trump, on the other hand, had declared via twitter that chinese companies were moving to the U.S. To avoid the 25 percent tariffs. "Just as mexican companies move back to the u.S. When the tariff reaches higher levels," he continued. "They took a lot of our companies and jobs, the stupid politicians let it happen, and now they (the companies) are going to come back (…)," trump wrote.

Mexico could avoid the tariffs if it stopped the farce of allowing millions of people to simply wander the country and invade the U.S. "Not to mention the drugs and human trafficking that are spilling over into mexico," he wrote.

"Is it really the drug lords, mafia gangs and coyotes who are in charge in mexico?" Asked trump. "We will soon find out." He was alluding to the upcoming negotiations that would allow mexico to raise tariffs within trump’s deadline of 10. June wants to prevent.

If mexico does not significantly expand its efforts to secure the border, from 10. June to be imposed on all imports with five percent special duty, had told trump on thursday. According to him, the goals should be achieved by the 1st half. October, should the neighboring country not take effective measures to significantly reduce or stop the flow of illegal migrants into the U.S., the trade dispute with china will gradually increase to 25 percent.

Meanwhile, tensions reached a new high in the trade conflict with china. In the night of saturday, in retaliation to levies already imposed washingtons new punitive tariffs of the chinese entered into force. The levies affect $60 billion worth of U.S. Goods. Tariffs of up to 25 percent apply, depending on the product. A total of 5140 products are affected.

Beijing leaders set people up for long-running conflict. "China is open to negotiation, but will fight to the end if necessary," read a "women’s book" published by the chinese state council on sunday. The government has enough leeway to ensure the health of the chinese economy even in times of tension: "china does not want a trade war, but it is not afraid of one either."

Peking to draw up list of ‘unreliable’ foreign firms as latest weapon in months-long dispute. Companies, individuals and organizations that harm the interests of chinese companies are to be included on the criminal list, according to china’s ministry of commerce.

Beijing also launched an investigation into the U.S. Parcel service fedex. Chinese state media reported that the company is accused of having diverted several packages from the chinese telecom giant huawei to the U.S. Fedex has "seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of customers," state news agency xinhua reported on saturday.

Previously, huawei had accused the U.S. Delivery service of sending several packages to fedex headquarters in the U.S. Instead of delivering them directly to huawei offices in asia. Fedex apologized and said that the packages had been misdirected by mistake.

Trump had exacerbated the trade war in recent weeks by putting huawei on a "black list". Thus, its business relations with U.S. Partners are subject to strict controls.

China’s punitive tariffs on imports from the U.S. Follow the latest increase in washingtons punitive tariff from 10 to 25 percent on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. The U.S. And china have been embroiled in a bitter trade dispute for months. The dispute is already putting pressure on global economic growth, as the international monetary fund (imf) recently noted.

Beijing, in turn, has threatened the U.S. With a shortage of rare earths. The 17 metals, which include neodymium, lanthanum and cerium, are used in high-tech industries such as smartphones, computers and other electrical devices, wind turbines and automobiles. The u.S. Gets 80 percent of these metals from china.