Urn steles for the cemeteries?

urn steles for the cemeteries?

In keeping with the silent month of november, the municipal council was informed about a concept for the construction of urn graves for the wilhemsthal and steinberg cemeteries. Mayor susanne grebner (SPD) had lobbied in advance for the realization of the bridge.

Anton deibl from the company paul wolf from monchengladbach said that cremations have been increasing strongly in recent years, also in the rural area. As elsewhere, the burger in wilhelmsthal also wants to have easy-care graves. One offers therefore urn walls, urn stelae or individual urn chambers.

According to deibl, the walls and columns are of different heights and are available in different designs. But stelen is much more flexible in the design of the bridge.

As an essential advantage he called the extent of the mabnahme. In the case of stelae, she says, you can start small and expand as space allows. Wall systems can be designed in different ways and can also be expanded in a modular system. The high number of chambers depends on the number of chambers above each other. In the process, the question of floral decorations and candlesticks must be agreed upon in advance, said deibl.

Nine different colors are offered by his company, the closure system is always made of natural stone. He pointed out that very often the place is bought by the burghers in their lifetime and later the name is used. The prescribed resting period must also be observed for urns.

The urn graves are always created by the municipality, which then passes them on to the citizens. You have to reckon with costs of between 600 and 700 euros, depending on the type of export. In addition, there is the foundation, the installation and the forecourt.

760000 euro from the free state

The head of the association, mario kotschenreuther, informed the council that they will receive 760,000 euros in stabilization aid from the state of bavaria. The reallocation of funds makes it possible to use more money for investments. Accordingly, 460,000 euros must be used for special repayments of old loans. 300,000 euros can be budgeted for investments in mandatory fire protection, civil engineering, broadband expansion and village development.

The managing director referred to the investment backlog of around 18 million euros in the area of compulsory tasks. After years of positive income, this year we have to face a decrease of 120,000 euros in business taxes.