Wallbox promotion: what you should know

Wallbox of the Solingen public utility company

Simply charging the e-car at home with the wallbox – that's what more and more people in solingen now want to do. In this overview you will find out where you can get financial support for the purchase of a wallbox and what has to be considered for a wallbox subsidy.

Kfw promotes energetic reorganization and the wallbox equal with

The offer of financial support for the purchase and installation costs of wallboxes varies from region to region. Only the subsidies from the kreditanstalt fur wiederaufbau (kfw) are available throughout germany. Thus, under certain conditions, kfw grants a low-interest subsidy loan (kfw subsidy program energy-efficient renovation – loan no. 151) or a subsidy (kfw subsidy program energy-efficient renovation – investment subsidy no. 430) to owners of private properties. However, only if they undertake a comprehensive energy refurbishment of their building – either as a single measure, for example in the thermal insulation of walls, or as part of larger refurbishment measures to achieve the energy level of a kfw efficiency house. The simultaneous installation of a private wall charging station can be co-financed in this way. You can find out whether you meet the current eligibility requirements at www.Kfw.En read.

Progres.NRW: north rhine-westphalia awards subsidies

Update 22.06.2020: on 15. June, the state of north rhine-westphalia informed about an extension of the subsidy: up to and including 30. November one receives now 60 % promotion to altogether maximally 2.000 euros for a private charging station.

If you don't want to make extensive renovations right away, but just want to purchase a wallbox, the "immediate electromobility program" of the state of north rhine-westphalia, progres.Nrw, better served. Those who apply for a subsidy there can receive up to 50% of their expenses for the purchase of a private charging station, a total maximum of 1.000 euros in subsidies (note.: s. Update from 22.06.2020 above). The prerequisite is that the electricity used for charging comes from renewable energies or locally generated green electricity. Important to know: in order for the subsidy money to be approved, orders for wallboxes may not be placed before the application is submitted, but only after the subsidy provider has given its approval. If you use your electric car mainly for commercial purposes and have your company headquarters in north rhine-westphalia, you can also obtain a low-interest loan to cover the purchase and installation costs of your wallbox(es) from the NRW.Apply to BANK. The application is made through your own house bank.

Municipal utilities make it easier to switch to e-cars and wallboxes with an all-round carefree package

Wallbox financing and installation

If you want to buy an e-car and install a wallbox in your garage or carport, you should consider not only the solid financing of the purchase costs, but also the technical circumstances. Among other things, a wallbox must be integrated into a separately fused circuit and should have a connection power that matches your household power supply and e-car.

Wallbox package "tanke at home

We at stadtwerke solingen take into account the aspects of wallbox financing as well as all around wallbox equipment, its installation and operation with our new service package tanke at home.

The wallbox package includes the planning, purchase and professional installation of an 11kw wallbox by our local craftsmen partners, ten years of manufacturer's warranty on the wall charging station, one year of free refueling at the public tanke charging stations in the solingen city area (max. 250 kw) and nationwide access to about 9.000 public charging points. The package also includes a subsidy consultation.

Wallbox subsidy

In addition, you can benefit from our extended support program klingen plus for e-car drivers. With all achievements from tanke at home you can save altogether up to 1.Secure 399.50 euros in subsidies. The use of our municipal utility subsidy offers is tied to the use of a green electricity tariff (within solingen z. B.Klingenstrom plus privat with okoplus, for customers outside solingen, germany z. B.: klingenstrom regio with okoplus.

Wallbox package: charging station incl. Promotion
with the wallbox package from the solingen public utility company, you receive a powerful charging station for your electric car for your home, including subsidies.