We finance your used trailer easily and cheaply

You are planning to buy a used caravan and are looking for an uncomplicated and inexpensive financing solution? We can help you there, because we also know how to finance "movables" optimally.

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The classic form of financing for a new or used caravan is a normal installment loan. Many banks now offer these at very favorable interest rates. However, you have to be careful, because some banks and loan brokers like to advertise with bait conditions that in practice hardly any customers actually get (see, among other things, the current advertising with negative interest rates for loans up to 1.000 euros).

Do not lock conditions!

We do not advertise with any fantasy interest rates. That is already completely unnecessary, because small interest differences with the usual consumer credits (instalment credits) with terms of up to 60 months do not fall so much into the weight. This applies at least to the amount of your monthly loan payments, because in the case of a -cheap- installment loan, those consist mainly of repayment. And it can be quite high because of the usual short terms.

Low rates due to longer terms!

Those who attach importance to the lowest possible rate should not first pay attention to the interest rate, but above all to the overall term. The longer the total term, the lower the repayment and thus the monthly interest and repayment installment. Instead of the generally accepted terms of 48 to 72 months, we can offer you loans with terms of up to 120 months (which, on balance, are not necessarily more expensive than loans with short terms).

Special variations for real estate owners!

If you are the owner of your own property, we can help you with the sog. "Owner loan" or. "Blank loans" a financing with even longer terms (up to 30 years) and loan amounts up to 30.Offer 000 euros. This can be an interesting alternative, especially for higher priced caravans or residential properties. But you don't have to "throw your property into the ring" as additional collateral for the bank (after all, it's called a "blank loan" because no collateral is required).

If your financing desire is beyond 30.If the loan value is less than EUR 000, a normal real estate loan can also be used to raise capital.

You would like a quote for your financing needs? If so, simply contact one of our colleagues or a representative of your bank. A colleague in your area on.