Why there will be no new building area in marktrodach after all

Why there will be no new building area in marktrodach after all

The result of a noise protection survey puts a spanner in the works for building applicants in marktrodach. The designation of the brownfield site in the former quarry area in kleinvichtach as building land is therefore off the table for the time being. Around 20 prospective home builders now have to embark on a new search to fulfill their dream of owning their own home.

As mayor norbert grabner explained, there was a lively demand for construction in his community. It was only in the recent past that the buhl III and IV areas were designated as building areas, developed and built on.

Industrial wasteland eliminated

The market is now planning to convert the former quarry land in marktrodach to residential use. A total of 20 building sites should be created there. The owner of the land wanted to invest the proceeds in a multi-family house that was also to be built on the site.

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"The location would have been ideal", according to grabner. The land is located within the village, in the immediate vicinity of the cycle path. With the construction of homes on this land, it had been possible to meet building requests without losing additional land. In addition, an industrial wasteland had also been removed. In addition, the land is located in the immediate vicinity of the bicycle path and the federal highway. However, there is also a sagewerk nearby.

In order to prevent possible conflicts with regard to environmental protection and larvae development and to satisfy the relevant legal requirements, the market had already commissioned soil investigations for possible contaminated soil and the preparation of a noise protection report at the beginning of the urban land use planning procedure.

Search for solutions

The soil tests, according to grabner, have not revealed any objections. The distance to the bundesstrabe was also rated as sufficient. However, the alarm level was found to be roughly 7 db higher during the day and up to 6 db higher at night than the guide values. "A residential development is not considered feasible from a technical point of view on the basis of the current operating scenario of the sagewerk", says the report.

We are now looking for solutions, says grabner. The erection of a soundproof wall was also considered. However, a wall with a length of 250 meters and a height of ten meters would be required to comply with the orientation values. The costs for this were one million. "This is an enormous sum!"

Grabner regrets this development. As the mayor explained, the municipality had concluded a so-called purchase offer contract with the owner of the quarry land – whose name he did not want to mention. This means that the municipality – if the land-use planning procedure and the land-use planning change could be positively concluded – acquires the plots of land from the owner, develops and these further to prospective builders veraudert. "There was a lively demand for building land in the quarry!"

Open building sites

In the meantime, those interested in building have been informed, as has the owner. The municipality is again looking for possibilities to designate building land. Currently, a development plan procedure "an der oberrodacher muhle" is underway carried out. In addition, there are still some "open building sites", that is, land that could be built on but is not owned by the municipality.

Perhaps one or the other owner could think about whether he is not alienating his building land. Because, if citizens and families want to create an existence in marktrodach, this would have positive effects for the community. But with houses on the industrial wasteland in the former quarry land it will be nothing for the time being: the industrial wasteland of the former quarry land will not be built on in the next few years despite many inquiries.