Bad bruckenau: proposals for the library

Bad bruckenau: proposals for the library

The city council – twelve of the total of 20 council members had come to the specially convened meeting – thronged between the bookshelves on tuesday evening. 200 active users registered the library in the past year. "That’s little, that’s very little. This is worryingly little", stated jan marberg. He has been head of the city library in the old town hall since december.

The rooms are small, sometimes cramped, and inaccessible to people with walking disabilities. The staff could not keep track of arriving visitors. The signatures of the bookers are different. Movies, music cds or console games are not available at all. Several books, especially in the non-fiction section, are considered outdated. A single powerful computer was still available. At least, free W-lan is available in the entire building (tourist information, library and local history rooms).

Yet the city library has a lot to offer, actually. High school graduates receive textbooks via interlibrary loan. Horbucher order marberg and his colleague roland heinlein about a local library network. There is a room for children and a room for teenagers. The library works closely with the city kindergarten. School classes regularly enter the building.

Children read for free

"Children are the most important users, said marberg. You could register until the 14. Free books for the first year of life. Until they are of age, the lions club will take over the annual fee. Marberg described his idea of a modern library with contemporary and appealing equipment. For him, events in cooperation with local partners are a natural part of library work, which he sees as a "social meeting point and place of encounter" for the burghers of the city called.

Marberg sees no future for the library in the old town hall building. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) described her idea that the library could move there after the renovation of the georgi hall. She wanted to implement this plan together with the city council. But there are objections. The most important: should not the library rather be located in the city center?

Discussion about the magazine assortment

This topic was not discussed in depth by the city council. However, another debate flared up again briefly. Last year, the city council had cancelled all magazines for cost reasons. In january, marberg presented the city council with a significantly condensed assortment of magazines that he considers indispensable. But titles such as bravo, brigitte and micky maus were the subject of discussion at the time.

"Is it the task of a library to keep such magazines available at all??", asked karlheinz schmitt (CSU). "Yes", the library director replied simply. The aim is to provide readers with a certain range of services. In one of the next meetings, the city council will again deal with the range of magazines.

In the next few weeks, the library team would like to launch a survey among the students of the romershag school center. The results should help to find out what young people want from the library.

13.000 media available in the city library. Not all of them can be borrowed.

450 books were ordered via interlibrary loan last year. That is an unusually high number.

200 active users registered at the library in 2017. Behind one user can be several readers.