Competition for ideas: logo for the “bicycle city of bamberg” wanted

The city of bamberg can already call itself one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in bavaria, based on objective criteria. According to the city hall, 80 percent of the people regularly ride bicycles, 30 percent of the trips are made by bicycle. And yet bamberg is not necessarily considered a "bicycle city". To change this, an "image campaign for cycling" is to be launched help: bamberg is to be consciously perceived as bicycle-friendly, as a municipality with a wide range of bicycles and a high proportion of bicycle traffic, which is to be further expanded.

With the help of the campaign, the building department not only intends to create a positive sense of community in the city society with regard to the successes achieved. To increase the use of bicycles in everyday and leisure traffic, and at the same time to demand mutual understanding between road users are additional objectives. One key: the development of a separate brand "bicycle city of bamberg".

The new word-picture brand "bicycling city of bamberg – consisting of a logo and a slogan – should represent as an essential element a broad image campaign and public relations work and provide for a visible and comprehensible presentation inwardly and outwardly – with a high recognition value as well as modern and clearly structured. In addition, according to the announcement, as many target groups as possible – citizens, young and old, trade and commerce – are to be addressed.

Regarding the expectations of the city of bamberg: the logo should be simple and understandable, unique and original, and make a clear and unambiguous statement. In connection with the logo proposal or independently of it, slogans, d.H. One or more statements, core messages or advertising slogans such as z. B. "I ride a bike because …" Be submitted. And last but not least, the organizers ask for a favorite photo on the topic of "cycling in everyday life, work, leisure, sports, etc."." To be submitted. The pictures are intended to visualize the campaign – z. B. In the context of public relations, internet presence, poster design – can be used.

Deadline is 20. May 2019. After that, the competition entries are viewed by a jury and a preselection of ten logo designs is made. These contributions are then to be evaluated in the context of a public voting in cooperation with the press and online presentation. Each selected idea provider will receive 100 euros as "start-up money". This was followed by a prize money for the 1., 2. And 3. Place of additional 1500, 1000 and 500 euros to. Attractive non-cash prizes are available for the slogan suggestions and the photo competition.

The ideas competition is to be completed by the end of june. The so "won" logo will then be incorporated as a graphic design element in the image campaign, which will be presented to the public at the start of the campaign in early august.

Key elements of the communication strategy for "bicycling city bamberg are posters in the public space, advertising media and strewing articles such as postcards, T-shirts or saddle protectors, mabnahmen in the context of the public work, flyer and brochures, prasenz in internet and social media, video and radio spots as well as actions and events.