Shaggy stars on the course

shaggy stars on the course

The question is, for whom the run demanded the greater effort – the dog or the master?. In any case, the latter are fully on board and they "refuse" to play actually never. The four-legged friends were quite different: sometimes they were stubborn and showed no interest in running the slalom or climbing the wobbly seesaw. The spectators are even more pleased about such individualists. It’s all too funny when the smaller of the stars show themselves to be a bit stubborn.

After there was no dog agility in steppach in 2018, the faithful friends of man were able to compete in the tournament again this year at whitsun. Under the aegis of johannes voran and his team, 160 dogs, divided into the classes large, midi and small, went to the start. In the timer there were hurdles and seesaws, tunnels and slalom to run through.

Participants from all over europe

Around the land of the steppach sports club 80 campers from all over europe had settled down with tents. Some already a week before whitsun. So they had enough time and opportunity to accustom their animals in a kind of training camp to the land and the course.

Even participants in world championships competed in steppach. On saturday there was a gaudilauf, in which also the steppacher team "leo und boxer" participated involved. This much can be revealed – one of the two is manfred schleicher, chairman of the steppach sports club. He is very proud of the fact that even teams from hamburg competed in steppach, although a competition in the hanseatic city ran parallel to the tournament in ebrachgrund. To shoulder the event, the sports club had 120 helpers on duty, who from early to late tirelessly cared for the well-being of their guests and visitors. Schleicher is particularly pleased that the club has succeeded in completing the remaining work on the sports grounds in time for the agility tournament.