Halbleib: mainschleifenbahn needs money and organization

Halbleib: mainschleifenbahn needs money and organization

The recently presented successful potential analysis of the bavarian railroad company (BEG) about the expected passenger volume of the mainschleifenbahn encourages the member of the state parliament volkmar halbleib (SPD) from ochsenfurt to state in a press release that the way to a reactivation of the railroad line between volkach-astheim and wurzburg "despite resistance and doubts of the BEG and the bavarian ministry of transport is now finally clear" is. The analysis sees up to 1400 commuters per day who could use the main loop railroad.

Mabgebliche role as shareholder demanded

In order for trains to actually start rolling again on the railroad between the mainschleife and wurzburg, the most important thing now is to clarify who will organize the operation of the railroad and where the money needed for its operation will come from. In a letter to the district councils of tamara bischof (kitzingen), eberhard nub (wurzburg) and florian topper (schweinfurt), the delegate therefore calls for the rapid establishment of a rail infrastructure company. Halbleib envisions that the three counties will have to play a major role as shareholders in the project.

For him, this is the most sensible way "to ensure smooth maintenance and later servicing of the rail tracks and the associated infrastructure and thus enable the reactivation of the mainschleifenbahn in the near future". It is important, however, to intensively involve the mainschleifenbahn claim association and its "know-how and stubbornness".

Doubts about the intentions of the state government

After the positive prognosis, halbleib now expects the state government and the BEG to "finally support the project without any ifs and buts". In view of the "lurching course the state government, CSU and free voters in the state parliament pursued the sale of the steigerwaldbahn, the SPD deputy doubts, however, whether the reactivation of railroad branch lines is at all wanted by the majority in the state parliament and the state government, his message ends.