The controversial jungkreut development area is surprisingly off the table

The controversial jungkreut development area is surprisingly off the table

There were already young families who had hopes for a building plot in the direction of the michelsberg forest. But the idea of pushing the outskirts of gaustadt further west along the road to the animal shelter is apparently facing insurmountable obstacles.

As bamberg's mayor andreas starke (SPD) said, a few days ago a unanimous resolution was passed by the supervisory board of the municipal utility company. In it, the political factions prioritize water conservation over the acquisition of building land. The OB said that this would make the planned development a failure.

Background: in the current framework plan procedure, the municipal utility company has pointed out the importance of the fountain located not far from breitackerstrabe. The source has been reliably supplying high quality water for many decades.

If one listens to the municipal utilities, the creation of a building area of 10.5 hectares, which is being discussed in the framework plan procedure, apparently cannot be reconciled with the requirements for the existing water protection area.

For quite a few people from gaustadt this could be good news. There had been considerable objections to the new development, especially in the neighboring areas. The main issues raised were problems with the development and criticism of the scale of the project.

City councilor annerose ackermann (SPD) sees her skepticism confirmed. Together with other supporters, she had collected 600 signatures against the planned development area, which were now presented to the public on the 7th of september. November to be handed over to the mayor.

Ingeborg eichhorn, a colleague in the parliamentary group, also sees no chance for the residential area in view of the major problems with water protection and development. "The creation of affordable housing is a top priority for the SPD faction, but not at any price", she explains to infranken.