Giving up is not an option

Giving up is not an option

"We make miracles happen. Again and again we are ready to go beyond borders." In his unpublished youtube video andreas charl sings the lines of his refrain full of conviction. While the intention at the beginning of the year was to sing the german national team to victory at the european championship 2020, the intention today is completely different: to give people comfort in times of corona and to put a smile on their faces. In his video, which has already been viewed more than 27,000 times, the singer, who lives in hirschaid, shows pictures of various professional people, who are sad at the beginning, but become more and more positive as the song progresses.

How did your EM song become a song of hope in corona times?

Andreas charl: when we started recording this song in february, we were completely euphoric that we might land a hit with the many millions of soccer fans in germany. Then the european championship was canceled due to corona. On the way home from my job at a big music house, i got the final mix of our song from my producer and that’s when it all clicked.

In my work i have to deal with musicians, promoters and disc jockeys every day who were suddenly faced with nothing due to the cancellation of events. In my circle of acquaintances, i have so many restaurateurs who were also faced with massive problems due to the restrictions. Then i heard the song in the final version and without changing anything in the lyrics, the song suddenly took on a whole new meaning. It was no longer fubball in the center, now it was about people, livelihoods, but also hopes and motivation to survive the crisis.

How did the idea for her video come about?

Exactly at this moment! I had imagined how depressed all my acquaintances were, because suddenly, from one week to the next, a complete existence is threatened. But then I also wanted to show that giving up is not an option, that you have to do something for the miracle, that after every rain there is also sun again. This may sound trite, but this is exactly my motivation.

Was it difficult to realize your video idea in the current situation??

The implementation was difficult because we wanted to publish the song now. Now people need hope. But as we all know, the motto was: stay at home, stay at home, so I contacted my many acquaintances and played them the song. I asked if they could support me and make a little handy-video of themselves. There should be a serious scene as well as a good-humored scene. We mixed that with some impressions of the empty city center of nurnberg and a camera-shoot with a small camera on my way to work. We did not have many more opportunities. What is the response of the horer?

The response of the horers is overwhelming: from "what a fitting text!" To "you save the day!" There really is a lot to it. It is already running on the first radio stations, although it is already quite difficult, as "nobody" to be played on the radio with a song. There are many rough record companies and we on the other hand are a rather small label, but we just have a message. I’m happy when people can forget for four minutes and then maybe go on with a few percentage points more optimism. The interview was conducted by annika ferko.